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I think he looks like such a baby! he looks adorable in the clip (especially when they do the Jaaaaammmboreeeee ohhhh Jaaaaaammbooooreeeee ohhh Jaaaaammmboreeeee bit) and they cut to him. I think either Nigel or Robert are in the frame too...but anyway don't you think neil looks gorgeous in his make-up and glasses!

I think so!

kate! Smiler
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Originally posted by Turtle Wilson:
[qb]Does Neil require glasses - I notice he wears them in a couple of SE film clips, and wondered if they are props or actual glasses.[/qb]
In Stranger Than Fiction Mike Chunn refers (p.127) to Neil wearing "fake glasses" on stage, which suggests they were props.

Interestingly, in the photo on p.59 it looks like Tim is wearing reading glasses.

Hmm, maybe I need to get out more often. Roll Eyes

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