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Anybody know if Aussie TV host Eddie McGuire is a Finns fan? He made a reference to Split Enz today at the start of Channel 9's "Hot Seat".

Swear that the young lad who was the first contestant in the Hot Seat had a hairstyle that was almost identical to Tim Finn's circa 1979-1982 so Eddie said to him as the young lad sat down in the red colored seat: "Split Enz want their hair back!" 

Completely caught me off-guard. Needless to say, the young lad had never heard of Split Enz, Crowded House or either of the Finn's so Eddie told him to look them up on iTunes & YT.



And so, that's how it goes. Never the first, always the last to know! Last To Know-Neil Finn "


*There's a lot of good acts around. Plenty of profound performers, but there's only one, who really gets through to me*

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OK. I know right now that one Mr. Edward McGuire is not the most popular man in Australia right now...  (insert "sarcasm") however with another reference to Split Enz in this afternoon's episode of 'Hot Seat', he does seem to have a good taste in music. 

Never knew Reg Mombassa was a founding member of the Enz like the contestant said. 

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