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Anyone who went to the Finn Bros Hooley show(s) @ the St James Complex, Auckland, care to share (or show off!) the details, please? Setlist, guests (who played what - Eddie Rayner, Dave Dobbyn, Bill Sevesi, Matt Eccles or any other surprise guests?), props (paper aeroplane, perhaps?) or whatever you can remember!
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Neil and Tim just keep getting better and better, I haven't seen them for awhile, but the evenin went off!
Bill Sevesi opened with his band and then they brought on Matt Eccles to play drums with them. Everyone then went completely wild when Neil and Tim were brought on (Tim with his usual barefeet and all!)
I'll try my best to remember what they sang; Weather With You (opener for the Finns), It's Only Natural, Something So Strong, Four Seasons In One Day, Only Talking Sense, Angels Heap, Mood Swinging Man, Paradise, Dirty Creature, and some oldies from Split Enz which were very impressive - Sweet Dreams, Lovey Dovey (LEGENDARY!!), and Time For A Change. and can't forget Edible Flowers - with violins and all on stage!
Dave Dobbyn joined them and they sang great versions of Loyal, Language but the highlight with Dave with Beside You.
God I love living in AKL. I feel very priviliged that I live in the city where Tim and Neil choose to put on these fantastic and unique gigs. I am pleased to inform everyone that last nights gig went off big time. Here's some highlights: Neil playing tea-chest bass and ukelele; A 4 piece string section on about 4 numbers; Neil & Dave harmonizing on Language/Beside You/Loyal and more; Eddie Rayner on keyboards for about 6 numbers; There goes god; Something so strong; Four Seasons with strings; Rock n Roll Music as a finale. Started at 8.30 and finished at 11pm. Awesome. Off to Sunday's gig tomorrow. And there were no paper aeroplanes.
Originally posted by daz:
[qb]No new songs, but they played something for their Dad (Maria, I think).[/qb]
Tim played I'll Never Know from his newish solo album. And Eddie joined in for Edible Flowers, which whilst not being a new song is going to be on the new Finn album.

I wonder if neil and Tim have actually written some or all of the new album yet.
Here is the full set list for both shows:
Weather with You
How will you go
Angels Heap
There goes god
Only talking sense
Sweet dreams
Lovey Dovey
Throw your arms around me
Blind mans bend
Something so strong
I'll never know
Where is my soul
Mood swinging man
Beside you
Edible flowers
Riverhead (by Goldenhorse - Neil on Bass, Tim on Piano).
Four Seasons
Time for a Change
Dirty Creature
Chocolate cake
It's only natural
Slice of heaven
Rock n Roll music (1st night only).

Hope that gets everyone up to speed. It was great.
daz wrote:

I feel very priviliged that I live in the city where Tim and Neil choose to put on these fantastic and unique gigs.
Indeed, indeed. My mate (who was also there) keeps telling me how it feels different in a good way to see Finn shows in Auckland. It's because it's their home and has a special subconscious feel to it, I suppose.

Thanks again to everyone who posted the info! Smiler
First night- Sold Out, plus 100 walk up sales,
so very very packed. I enjoyed the second night more, think the band were more relaxed.
It was about 90% full..the rain might of slowed down the walk up.
Probably 100 club members each night, so that's kinda healthy. Koji in from Japan... arms laiden with gifts (god bless him) a few USA members, some Frenz who I haven't seen for years, some new faces.....
Good to see Robert Gilles and Crowth in the crowd. No sign of Mike Chunn...did anyone else catch him? Had a chat to Phil Judd on the second night (check out F.16 diary for details in a week or so)
(Fear not Phil it's all good *grin*).
Re: Daz comment. I thought seeing how it was NZ music month we should have a decent selection of Finn related cds. I usually get 20 or so of each signed every night, plus with Aucklands crap weather it saves people getting soaked at that backstage door. A good thing and the people at the show appreciate the signed copies even more. It usually happens if I'm on the tour, the guys are fairly patient and good natured about it.
Great to see Bic onstage, wait till you hear 'Get some sleep' it really is a hot single... has an aussie release in July. She almost sang on Mood Swinging man too but it just worked fine without the addition.
Hmm band room - this time it was basic...indian throw overs and some crushed velvet table covers..deco lamp. New swirly heat driven fun lamp in the Lounge and the Indian cloth from the UK a green and black cover Maori design via Sharon, covered the roof in paper japanese party lanterns.
Sharon Finn designed and hung those amazing chandeliers ....spent the night trying toi figure how I could sneak one home for the house!!!!! When the curtain opened in the 2nd part and the spotlights hit was brilliant.
Sounded good, nice to see Eddie Rayner play on Edible Flowers (after the internal stuff around this song) all felt very healthy and Ed was having fun....Matt Eccles, one sh*t hot drummer gets it from dad Brent (Ex-The Angels).....and Brent and Helen were the promoters for the show...yep all intwined.
The night in between the Finn shows was very passionate, I was in awe at the amount of 16 and 17 year old kiwi kids who just love their bands, thousands turned out...believe me the future of music is VERY safe in NZ...I wish it was like this elsewhere. Oh yeah, despite Liam being ill I must say Betchadupa kicked musical butt....hundreds flocking down the marble staircases to dance in the pit. to the 'Dutcha's! Sorry waffling as is my nature.
Something VERY special about the St James
when NF retires it should be the very last place he plays *grin* 2040!

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