Impatient person that I am, who stops a CD right after the last note of the last song, I just realized there was a hidden track on Woodface. What's the story behind the song? I thought it was funny, the "I'm still here" chorus and all. Was it ever a full song?
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You are half right. The song is generally known as I'M STILL HERE. In a late 1991 interview, a journalist asked Paul Hester about the origins of the bonus track. Paul was said to have burst out laughing and then recalled, that the day Tim, Nick, Neil and himself had finished recording the last songs for WOODFACE, they celebrated by getting completely drunk. Later that night the four of them were back at the studio and still very, very drunk, had a bit of a jam with Paul and Tim just singing and howling whatever came to mind. Apparently the next day, the band realised that at some point they must have started taping the jam. Paul said in the interview, that the song was one of about five they made up, but was the only one good enough to throw on the end.
I'm never been one to "join" a fan club, so I guess I miss out on a lot. Back in my youth I missed all the cool things the Beatles put out for THEIR fan club.

What do you MEAN... "Fan club CD"?????

Are you saying that if I JOIN Crowded House's or Neil Finn's FAN CLUB, then we would be able to get certain CD's not normally available????

Please advise ASAP!

Thanks and shalom...

Here's me with Neil behind the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA on April 15, 1987.

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