Earlier this semester I chose to write one of my English writing folio creative pieces on how how 'I Got You' was written, and the launch of Neil Finn's musical career. I blended fictional narrative and some biographical facts about Neil, Split Enz and Crowded House to create the piece. I got it back today, and I got full marks for it! It's worth quite a big percentage of my Year 12 English study score too, so thanks Neil, for giving me the inspiration to write this piece! Big Grin
Don't know why I thought I'd tell you all, but there you go. I'd type the piece up and post it if anyone would like to read it.
*runs away* Razzer
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Wish I'd thought of writing about Neil during my Year 11 Advanced English studies back a few years ago instead of struggling to put a character based upon Neil in a fictional novel now. Roll Eyes Wink
Way to go dream date!Big Grin
Ahem, may I remind the original poster about the rules for this forum (see the top of the subforum main page):
Whatever you have done, here is where you shall not be afraid to show your work!

So... you know what to do (and in case you haven't noticed: yes, I would love to read it, too)!
Something Like that has happened to me aswell. Last Year in english we had to do a speech on a person who i look up to. Well of course i didn't write anything so i choose to do Neil & all my classmates were saying who's Neil Finn i laughed at them, I just said what i knew about him & i passed!! Big Grin
My turn! My turn! for my second creative writing piece for my Yr 12 English assessment, I wrote a review on Together Alone, and got an A+ for it! 32 out of 35!!!! I'd post it, but in review terms it's incredibly boring, and I can't get it back from my teacher anyway
Thats great! Smiler

For the creative writing section of the HSC I wrote about how some of Neil's songs were influenced by fan's in different places eg. Mean To Me.
I loved writing it and I hope that I did ok, we will see when I get the results back. Wink

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