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here's a clip I stumbled across on youtube. It was psoted by a friend of Hessie's on what would have been his 50th birthday this year.

brilliant song, and a great light up cowboy suit!

[P.S sorry if this has already been posted somewhere, feel free to delete it]


still so young to travel so far, old enough to know who you are.

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He had a real off-kilter melodic gift, it's a shame the album can't see the light of day. A great talent, I won't say wasted - splurged to the full to our great benefit for many years, but then sadly cut short. I remember the day I heard, and I'll never stop missing the strange light this fine man let into the world, yea though we still bask in it. We all wanted more. Anyway I wanted more.

As a songwriter, I really think he was getting better and better. And he was strong to start with!

I like this song a lot. Thank you for sharing it.

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