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The Enz never did have a top 10 Billbaord hit no....

But 'I Got You' reached No. 50 - but it stiffed!

This also caused alot of management problems within the ... well... management. Nathan Brennan(manager) and Michael Gudinski (head of Mushroom Records, bands label in Oz and NZ). Something to do with money... if you want I can look into it further....

Also, you're missing an obvious choice on who were influenced by the band... Crowded House! Neil and Paul were members, Tim a visitor ( and some times member ) and Eddie Rayner played piano for them live for the Temple Of Low Men and Crowded House tours, he al so appeared on a few albums as did Noel Crombie and Nigel Griggs put together their (Limited Edition) live album.

Hope all this helps and good luck


PS A copy of Crowded House:Private Universe/ Crowded House: Something So Strong (books) maybe handy. Although about Crowded House, they also contain invaluable information about the Enz.
Regarding costumes - as far as I can make out it was Noel Crombie who started the rollercoaster costume ride. It was a strange period in pop and fashion... the costumes made them stand out I guess, tho' a lot of other bands were just as outrageous.

As per influences - well they were rather ahead of the game in their musical and visual style - but whether they directly influenced people (other than the Crowdies) is debateable. I am sure that a lot of artists looked at them and thought "hmmmm, good idea!"... but there wasn't anything quite like them !!

The Billboard Top whatsit - well in America, if you want to get played you pay the independant promoters (Indies) a lot of money to push your record to the radio stations of note. I know that CHouse decided not to play this game and therefore fell by the wayside rather - so I am sure that there is a bit of that as regards Split Enz. A crying shame if you ask me.

As well as "Something So Strong", get a look at the book "Stranger Than Fiction" by Mike Chunn. It's a comprehensive book (biography doesn't seem the right word) about the Enz. It's got LOTS of info, lyric samples and is very interesting indeed!!! Worth finding.

If you're lucky I'll drag out my copy and look up these questions and try and answer them with quotes- depends when you need the info.


"Anything is possible if you ask at the right time. It's all a matter of timing"

Neil Finn (Dublin, 17/7/92)

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