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I've apparently posessed this CD since December 2004, but just came across it. It is simply labeled "Finn to Burn, December 2004," and I'm not even sure who gave it to me.

Starts off with Tim saying "This is a song about Paul's first experience with masturbation."

I'm still listening to it, don't have a set list, maybe could make one later if needed... just thought the Tim quipp might ring a bell with someone.

these things I should keep to myself, but I feel, somehow, strangely compelled...
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Okay, I've had a lot on my mind this week, and admittedly, I am a little slow...

All I had to do (duh) was put the disc in my *computer* to see what's on it. It's the mother lode!

Detroit Rock City
Afterglow Live
Neil @ Avalon Boston 2/2/03
FinnBros 7/15/04
FinnBros 5/15/03
Neil @ Mountain Music Lounge 7/9/02
Paradiso Amsterdam 7/21/88
Pinkpop 5/23/94
Together Alone Live
Woodface Live

I mean..!!!
Big Grin

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