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(in excited Marie Finn voice) Yeah! That's them!

Of course, not sure we'll get an annual Tim Finn Day as they suggested, now that they've accused the mayor of being gay and having a fancy for Tim...have another beer,

I was howling when Tim said yeah, Jason, that't the guy who's married to Heidi, LMAO!!!!!!!

Bellywatchers: Marie is carrying high, which usually indicates a girl.

Hairwatchers: Neil used no mousse. Tim has gone blond, but we love him anyway.

Shirts: Neil wore same shirt as Boston concert over the summer, Tim wore a hip green Hawaiian shirt.

Pants: Neil in Khaki, Tim in jeans.

Made HUGE points with my kids when Neil sang during "Weather": "Everywhere you go, Tim's gone to the toilet..."

We lost our connection shortly after Angel's Heap, but we heard them talking about us and that was darned cool. Big Grin
I was so excited when they started talking about Heidi and Jay--I turned around to Rick and went,"Hey! They're talking about 'our' Heidi and Jay!" He was laughing at me, huddled over the computer screen with a big eejit grin on my face, watching the 'cast. Then, he was properly consoling when we lost the connection.

I did a double-take at Tim's golden locks---I must admit, I like it on him though! And he's what, 51? Looking good!


((home today, either with a bad intestinal flu, or maybe it was bad Japanese food last night))

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