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I have no idea if this has been mentioned before, but...

Last week I was alone in my car and BLARING "Rest of The Day Off". I arrived at the store and shut off the car, but still had the stero playing very very loudly and the next thing I hear is Mr. Finn breathing heavily in my mini-van!!! OMG, I laughed so hard! I never ever noticed this before, but the first 3 seconds of "Into the Sunset" you can hear Neil take 3 deep breathes if you have the volume turned up. It really made me laugh, mostly because I never expected it and in all of the months I have owned this cd I had never noticed it before! It almost felt like a little silly gift that had been waiting to be found!

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Really, I remember hearing it the first time I listened to One Nil! I have a tendancy to listen closely to the beginning and endings of all of Neil's solo/CH songs. I'm always expecting a surprise somewhere - and it's there! It's like his mumbling lyrics or just the last lines trailing off at the end of a song that I love!
I noticed that too! I really think it adds that extra level of intamacy when you can hear the artist breathing like that, like there's real life in this music.
These gems pop up from time to time. Like at the start of the Climber, and at the end of Sister Madly, when you can hear Neil say something like "yeah that's kinda how it went". That's one recording I would have loved to have been present at, I can just picture them all sniggering at each other.
Heheh, I had something similar recently. I was playing around with a voice removal plugin in Winamp. I pretty much erases things that are in the centre of the stereo image. Well, I was listening to the '96 (or so) remix of Don't Dream It's Over, and the guitar solo began. The guitar playing the solo was inaudible thanks to the plugin, and all of a sudden I discovered another guitar playing something different at the same time Big Grin I had never heard it before. So now (without the plugin) I can still hear it. It's also present in the original '86 version, but you'll have to listen very closely,and I think you'll only notice it if you know how it sounds.

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