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Hello Frenz, long time follower, Frenz life member and occasional poster here. I'd love for you all to have a listen to my band Mode Atlanta. These are our first two recorded tracks, they're called "They Love You" and "Garden Varieties". The reason i post them here is because Crowded House and Neil Finn's music has been a huge influence on my own songwriting, from the way i present my music (artwork that evokes childhood but through the eyes of adulthood, thanks Nick to lyrical matter (kitchen sink with a melancholic and poetic approach) to my approach to chords and melody (aiming for and hopefully getting somewhere near the richness and easy sophistication of Neil's musical ideas). "They Love You" is about a character who can't accept or doesn't understand the love he receives from people around him (there's autobiography in there as well and "Garden Varieties" looks at the same character, on a day off, trying to find motivation but letting events from his past circle his head and hold him back. I hope you all enjoy the music! Here's the link!

PS. To those going to the Friday 25th Sydney Opera House show, i'll see you there!

Mitchell laney

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Thanks Hawk57 and Steve for having a listen, glad your digging it! Plans for the future, we're recording two more songs in April then bundling them with They Love You and Garden Varieties and releasing as an EP, we're also going to make a short youtube series in which we pair acoustic recordings of some newer songs with footage shot at our drummer's new place.

As for the name, it was just one of those things i thought up when half asleep, you know when the synapses are firing different ways and the elves are coming out to play? I thought to myself "think of a band name" and pop, that came into my head! I have thought though that "Atlanta" may be nodding to some of my interests which are from/ set in or around their (REM, Deerhunter, Walking Dead set there haha) and that being in that "mode" could refer to me tapping into my sensibilities, things that appeal to me, which i think turn up in my music.

Really glad you guys had a listen to these it was a nice surprise to see two replies to this thread coming home from work! Love it!

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