Has anyone heard Harper’s new song? If so, what did you think of it? It was released a few weeks ago. I personally think it’s very good.

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Here's a thought, Harper has a couple of songs now, Elroy has a few as well. Maybe they could combine forces and release a "Finn Cousins" disc!

That would be an interesting concept ... I think Harper has a better shot at commercial succes than Elroy. His age, looks and his more commercial sound might appeal to a younger female audience. It seems a good fit with the instagram generation.
Elroys songs are pretty leftfield, like them a lot. But hard to find an audience for it.
I really like watching them finding their styles, trying different kind of things.

As said before, waiting in line was released the other day. As expected, it’s great! I really hope Harper gets more recognition because he really deserves it. He has a lot of talent, much like his father.

Just heard these songs today. So, way behind as usual

I think both songs are great and I'm looking forward to an album. 

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