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I went with the Finn Brothers, but I promise it's not biased. Please allow me to explain...
I have been a fan of the Beatles waaaaay before Neil & CH, and my dad has always loved the Beach Boys.
I almost picked the Beach Boys, but then I remembered this really horrible Christmas album that they put out and the harmonies were HORRIBLE! I don't know what happened--I love Brian Wilson's writing and arrangement, but I think the ultimate reasons I picked Finn Brothers is because:
A) the Beatles and the Beach Boys at times over do it on the harmonies, and both can be out of tune
B) Simon and Garfunkel's harmonies seem to be stuck in a certain style that was popular during that era...
C) The Mama's and the Papa's were just plain goofy at times with all that step harmony stuff they did
D) The Finn Brothers are always sparce and appropriate with their harmonies, at least more so than the other groups mentioned, and they are quite a bit more classic and smoother, usually consisting of only one two lines at a time.
You asked for it.
One group that I should mention (thanks to my husband) is the band Guster--a bit newer than the groups in the poll, but their harmonies are completely original and catchy. Also Jimmy Eat World's harmonies are pretty neato on the album Clarity . Wink

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