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The audio track was saved when I was converting the DVD's to MPEG for the Frenz Sorta Like A Show series on YouTube.

Thanks again to Peter Grace for being such a good bloke and sharing his and Pauls work. He was a very close pal of Paul and obviously was allowed access to unreleased stuff.

Paul leads off with a solo performance at the Cornish Arm in Melbourne that is overdubbed at 42 seconds with a studio mix. Due to the extended intro by Paul and the expert editing of Gracie, it was easy to lift the track out in it's entirity. ( well 99.999% , needed a very small fade at the start and the end fades out to applause Smiler )
I could see / hear the quality in SoundForge and it runs out to a 4:06minute 45meg wav or a high quality 6meg 202kb variable bit rate mp3.
Standard mp3 would be about 3 meg.

To the Frenz that have PM'd, I just have to hold off. Like Love&Peace says, PG will let us know.

I could reduce the quality of the mp3 if that makes a difference, but my thoughts are:

A song doesn't give pleasure if stored away and in the scheme of things, the DVD's from Peter Grace and his show on Channel 31 were a lucky find and he was very happy the material was to be made available to Frenz. One song doesn't make an album, it sharpens interest.
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Actually the only Paul stuff we could share was the stuff Paul ok'd when he was alive...I'd say it is the same with Peter Grace.

Paul's family would own the rights around material after he passed away so please I can not give permission around this, or, I can't stress it enough. What people do away from is their own moral judgement but it would be incredibly wrong for myself or to ok this to be done here with out the correct ok.

Sorry I hate poo-pooing stuff like this and if Hessie was here it MIGHT be another story, but he isn't and even though we have a lot of material, none of it has/will be available unless the family/estate wishes that. Same would go for everyone else and Gracie has always done the right thing around Hessie too.

It doesn't make a difference if one song sharpens interest, it still should go through the right channels (and I don't mean channel 31 *GRIN*)

Saying that i can't control what people do privately.

Re: Future Rare release, the previous Rare cds that have had Paul songs, were all ok'd by Paul (even rare #3 which was ok'd 5 months before his death- we held off on purpose because it felt very tacky that it's release date was meant to be the week after his death) unless it gets approved by the estate for the moment probably not...but you can never tell what will happen in the future.

There has been some minor talk of possible releases of Paul's material further down the track I believe and maybe even SHED realted stuff on DVD.... but it's early days.

Hey at least someone asked us, which was really appreciated..... I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Paul/Hester/ LLT etc material comes out... god there's probably enough for a box set (now Jeremy don't get excited)! (:

The time has to be right, Kevin from LLT would be great around all of this and we have touched on it briefly....Shed too but it will be further down the track (I thinK).
Thanks Peter,

The post is gone (sigh)
You got a call and went to help your sister
The roast is on (sigh)
Had a little time an a bit of magic ginger

Well it's way to early, for my body baby
I'm up in happyland
But in the night, comes a time, that every one gets used to
Every night there's a day, you can own

That records on (sigh)
Religious songs sound insincere at Easter
I've become one (sigh)
I know my place and I like to sleep beneath it

Well it's way to early, for my body babe
I'm up in happyland

In the night, comes a time, that every one gets used to
Every night there's a day, you can own or belong to
Every night there's a day you can own

I used to have a little friend
We played with our lizards on weekendz
And I kept a photo

But it's way to early, for my body babe, I'm still up in happyland
But in the night, comes a time, that everyone gets used to
Every night there's a day you can own or belong to
Every night there's a day
See it's coming your way
Every night there's a day you can own

lyric correction
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I've been thinking the exact same thing Lee!!

The reunited Crowded House has left me missing Paul more than ever. However, I take great comfort in the fact that I can listen to his voice or watch him on DVD whenever I choose. Needless to say, any expansion on Paul's work, whether it be music or DVD, is very EAGERLY anticipated. A few months have passed since we last asked the question there anything new to report Gryph?

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