Guitar on "the lost cat " ?

just listening to see ya round . The guitar playing on " the lost cat " sounds very technical and " shreddy " like joe satriani or such like . 

The only guitar player credited on the album is Neil , yet this doesn't sound anything like him ....

anybody shed any light on this for me ?

i could start again - you can depend on it

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I must admit that I tend to skip over the Split Enz instrumentals, and it’s quite possible that I had never actually heard “The Lost Cat” all the way through ... until today.  But afterwards, I had the same thought as STUARTJB:  “Wow — is that NEIL??”  I mean, he has a few really good guitar solos scattered within the SE catalog (e.g., “Years Go By”, “How Can I Resist Her”, “I See Red”) but the one for “The Lost Cat” is at another level, at least technically.

I don’t doubt that it IS Neil playing, but I just never had the impression that Neil cared enough about soloing to have developed his chops to the extent that he could come up with THAT beauty.  What a pleasant surprise.  

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