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Well actually Ms Awamutu.....if you had read the statistical analysis bar chart information correctly you would have seen that 'Saturday' had the same amount of votes as the 'Any day is good' option therefore making it equal. Big Grin Razzer Wink
I purpose a 'carry on' party til Saturday for those still standing. (maybe even Sunday as that got the most votes for any given 'date' ???I dunno how that works? Stupid person who made the poll I guess?!)
You can do both eh Mona?

Wahooooo party on dude!

Ok.....who has a good pub for a meet up on Saturday? Central? Bring your bong(o)'s
Well, I was there, but I did not know who anybody was, I left to go to the UK without making specific plans, so I guess I turned out to be an incognito frenz. It was really great, but it would have been much better to meet some people. Maybe next time.

Uhm, yea, had way too many snakebites. Kinda messed up my Saturday plans a bit.
Shame, Mona was having a look out for you. It was rather packed in there!
What time did you get there? We sat downstairs in the corner by the band for ages.
We thought you couldn't come. Frowner

Didn't you hear Mona shouting rather a lot when she got a song dedicated? I thought everyone in there must have heard. Roll Eyes Razzer

Thanks should go to Witness Ian for letting us have a little party around his even though he had to go to a family wedding the next day! (it went on til 5am!)
I got there at just before 9:30pm. We were downstairs mingling with the crowd between the front bar and the back bar then we went upstairs around 11. I did not catch the dedication of "Mean to me" to Mona. I'm sure I rubbed shoulders with most of you because I was everywhere on that dance floor... looking for Mona, who I thought I would recognize. Of course I was dancing and singing like a maniac. I briefly befriended a group from downunder who misinterpreted my enthusiasm for the tunes to mean that I too was from NZ or Australia. Boy, were they disappointed when I told them I was American!

I'd love to see the pictures.

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