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A friend made me a tape copy of TWT, which I hadn't listened to in a while. Without the benefit of liner notes, I'd always presumed the song called astro was the one which included the lyric, circles overhead so high and lonely, 16 times a day... what with earth orbit being 90 mins (approx) and all. so I hoped to learn what this song (truth) means.

Now I see Astro actually sings about low cloud moving across the sky, one day they will uncover you...

any thoughts? I shan't begin to delve into conspiracy theories

(truth cannot be denied)
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Neil played a small gig for what I gather was a bunch of industry types at Abbey Road May 27th 1998.

He introduced 'Truth' thusly: "Alright, this is a song called Truth. I know it's not a very original title for a song but this is my spin on the old thing. It's what happens when everybody.. When you get, like, an amazing amount of praise over a short period of time. It actually ends up making you feel like a fraud. Consider that if you will".

So, seemingly the meaning behind 'Truth' is found by simply reading the lyrics - "Truth is worth more than pride". He wants the truth, not someone BS-ing him, even if the truth hurt.

As for Astro.. Apparently Neil introduced Astro as being "a song about witnessing your own funeral".

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