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Split Enz seems to be basically unknown over here in America. Especially among people my age. Which is truly a shame. I was able to sort of get one person interested in Split Enz. They probably wont buy wont buy anu of the albums though. I only played a couple of songs for them. They didnt care for the songs I played from Mental Notes, claiming that they were too weird. And this is a person who claims to be into indie music. Guess that was too arty for them. One of my favorite albums of all time though. They did like Stuff and Nonsense, Big Heart, and I Got You.

I was wondering if there are any other Americans on here. I have only heard a Split Enz song be played on the radio over here one time. Of course it was I Got You.
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Hi rm6000,

Good for you. There are quite a few American Frenz posters here. Although most of them seem to be in Australia at the moment, to see Split Enz live, so they might not be posting for a week or so.
I think you'd be surprised at the number of Enz fans there are in the US. Even though they never kind of really made it big on the US charts with back to back number one's etc, they seem to have a pretty big following. & there seem to be heaps of people with the original vinyl records as well.
I'm sure you'll bump into quite a few as you post on the forum.
*waves across the south pacific* Hello?
Just thought i'd see if i could get some attention for you. Maybe they're all still asleep, or busy buying souvenirs. Smiler
I've had quite a bit of success brainwashing my friends, especially with songs like "Bon Voyage", "The Devil You Know" and especially "Anything Can Happen". Still no success in converting anyone to The Boomtown Rats (my other favourite band), but I'm working on it
Not to downplay any much appreciated efforts but turning people onto anything related to the brothers Finn isn't that hard compared to the crap that's stinking up the charts this year! Good music will always be good music regardless of age.

And AGM155, The Boomtown Rats's album "Mondo Bongo" is a guilty pleasure of mine! I'm still hunting for a copy on CD (not the American version either!). Wish I still had the vinyl...

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