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First time I heard this track I thought it was Liam singing (which mad sense given he wrote it.) Hearing it again I'm not sure - some lines sound like Liam, others like Neil. I know their voices can sound similar. Is it Liam? It is Liam in verse 1 and Neil in verse 2? Do they alternate lines?! What do you guys think?

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I think it is mostly Liam, though they do sound eerily similar sometimes, so I could be wrong.

As far as the song goes, it's a good song, and I like it well enough, but it's (to me) the least "CH" sounding song on the album. I often play the mental game of moving songs from album to album for better "fit", and this one should have been on Lightsleeper. It would have been a standout there, instead of sounding out of place on DAW. Just my two cents worth.

Goodness — to my ears this sounds like Neil throughout.  I know Neil’s and Liam’s voices are quite similar, which is why they harmonize so effectively throughout Dreamers are Waiting.  But Liam’s phrasing always sounds a little different to me.  He doesn’t talk-sing his way through a lyric the way Neil often does.  His phrasings are always straighter, in a way that suits harmonies; even when he sings lead on a marvellous song like Everyone Come to the Chapel, it sounds as if he’s doing a backing vocals track (in this case for an absent Hessie, whom he’s singing about).  Goodnight Everyone’s phrasing sounds, by contrast, like pure Neil, even though he’s singing in a higher (and thinner) register than in his glory days.  But I could be totally wrong about this.  

I personally don’t see that much similarity in Neil & Liam’s voice. They sound like they’re related, but on a spectrum analyzer their voices would look very different. Liam has a significantly higher formant and lacks the natural rasp and rich lower-midrange body of Neil’s voice. Neil used to sing with more disciplined pitch but has taken to singing ever-so-slightly flat much of the time (and I mean this beyond the just intonation of a major third etc). It almost always comes across as a stylistic trait rather than "out of tune" but it's different from Liam who seems to hew much closer to the line. Their phrasing choices are also distinct...Liam does a lot more scoops and portamentos than Neil. There are fleeting moments where you might mistake one for the other but 95% of the time they sound quite different to my ears.

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This is one of my favorite tracks on the album - most definitely a Liam vocal. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Liam on drums as well.

I’ll be Lightening is one of my favourite Finn albums (well in the top 10 - there are plenty of good ones!) and there are some things about this song that take me back to that album.

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