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I was just reading the bad concert pairings topic and all I could think of was good concert pairings:
Most recently--Phantom Planet for Elvis Costello
The Breeders for Nirvana
Meat Puppets for Stone Temple Pilots
Garbage for Smashing Pumpkins
Engine Down for Fugazi
Todd Rudgren for Jethro Tull
Sparta for Jimmy Eat World
........That's all I can think of right now--most of the time me and my dad were too late to catch the opening band, but we did see some good ones every now and then.

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radiohead for r.e.m.

rhett miller for neil

high llamas & mouse on mars for stereolab

aphex twin for bjork

handsome boy modeling school & sigur ros & spiritualized & beta band for radiohead (different tours for each one)

pete yorn for coldplay (not a huge fan of either, but it was a good show)

quetzal for ozomatli (very fun, energetic show all around)

the rentals for blur ('96)

remy zero for travis (travis is *excellent* live)

the minders for elliott smith

and that's all that really comes to mind for now.

A few years ago, I caught the Counting Crows. They had the Gigolo Aunts open for them, and they were fantastic! I was so impressed that my then-boyfriend (now husband) bought a Gigolo Aunts CD for my birthday. One of their songs ("Everyone Can Fly") has the same sentiment as NF's "Wherever You Are".

Oh, and Splender (great band!) opened for our most famous local band, Verve Pipe.
Sahara hotnights opening for Danko Jones.

SH are four sweet girls from Sweden, well sweet except for the drummer who kept looking very angry at me during the show. I didn't had the guts to ask her to sign my CD after the show.

And Danko Jones is the most macho band I have ever seen in my life. But very good too.
the best 'uns i've seen....

the pogues opening for elvis costello, nick lowe also opening for elvis costello and recently ed harcourt opening for beth orton. all quite fabulous.

when crowded house played the UK in 1994 we were looking forward to the cranberries as support but apparently dolores broke her leg or foot or finger nails or something ski-ing, so we didn't get to see them. a young irish band, whose name i have criminally forgotton, stood in for them.

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