If I want to watch the live show on my computer that badly, I'll just go to the youtube page.  =)


I bought this collection so that I could pop a bluray in my player anytime and enjoy a hi-def experience mixed in 5.1.  I'm hopeful the company will send out corrected disks, as they indicated they are working on a solution to the problem.


Incidentally, the deluxe version is really quite beautifully put together.  I hope GetMusic can figure out the disk problems so I don't have to send it back.

Thank you again Steve.

I also would like corrected discs from the company; still haven't heard back from them.  I have the Deluxe box set too; and it's beautifully done.


Enough is enough - time for Getmusic to take responsibility for disc error and send replacement DVDs.

I agree mikelm.  I still have not heard back from Get Music (Getmusic.com.au).

My question is how does one proceed with getting them to replace it.  Am feeling discouraged at the moment with Get Music.

I think it's going to take time for GetMusic to figure out whether or not they can get corrected discs manufactured and mailed to everybody.  I'm willing to give them another week to figure things out before I hound them again with emails.

Just sent email to getmusic with link to this thread. Could the powers that be, i.e. jaffaman, gryphon ..., please also follow-up on this? 

Same response, different day. Not complicated problem, should be easy solution...


Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch!
Please note the title is region-free, however it is PAL formatted which is where the incompatibility issues arise from.
Our sincerest apologies for the problem with the formatting of this title. 

Please be aware we are working on a solution at this time and will update you shortly. 

Best wishes, 

T @ Getmusic Team

I have emailed Get Music twice and have yet to receive a response from them.


I'm guessing fixing this mistake while easy to do will be costly to them; and I have no idea of the side the company or their financial situation--perhaps they are just waiting for the powers that be to make a decision on what to do.  Doesn't make waiting on our end as the consumer any less frustrating.  I'm giving Get Music a big thumbs down on the customer service response realm.  Just my thoughts.




I sympathize with everyone in the NTSC formatted territories who cannot get their copies to work. Sadly, more than 80% of discs manufactured in Australia are automatically formatted to PAL during the making of the actual disc. 


Fixing the PAL/NTSC compatibility is not only a costly exercise, but on the professional level, it is also a very time consuming one as well. Get Music now need to find a new programmer who is able to change the format at the cheapest viable price. 


While frustrating, fans in the US and Canada will have to be patient. We are also coming into Christmas and New Year: that as most would know can have a huge effect on business as some companies close down for the holidays.


I'm not defending the company in anyway but right now, hounding them with emails about this seems futile to me simply because it is December already and many businesses are dealing with the holiday season rush.


If nothing has been rectified or sorted out by the end of January, then hound the company with emails.

I haven't read a reply from anyone in the UK or Europe re this issue,

maybe someone could back this up?


My box arrived last night, the bluray works fine, the dvd does not.

All my DVD players say the region is incorrect. Given that my player and tv are PAL standard, this does not seem to be a PAL/NTSC issue at all! simply that the disc is NOT region free.


Mistakes happen, but Getmusic really need to get their finger out on this, not replying to emails etc is really poor service, they've also been telling folks for over a week that they are working on the issue, it should be pretty easy to sort.

Either offer a refund, or give an assurance that new discs will be sent sometime soon.


I haven't had a reply to my email either, so have tried again tonight. Have also informed Universal.


While it looks very much like the DVD is Zone 4, I haven't been able to tell from posts here whether the Blu-Ray is Region free or Region B. Either way, the Blu-Ray should play fine in the UK, as Matt's discovered.

The PAL/NTSC thing shouldn't even be an issue for Blurays.  As I understand it, Blurays don't have a PAL/NTSC format, only DVDs.  The issue is that both the Blurays and the DVDs are NOT region free.  I have plenty of PAL DVDs and they all play fine in my computer and DVD players here in the US.

Per Wikipedia: According to the Blu-ray Disc Association, "all Blu-ray Disc players...(and) Blu-ray Disc-equipped computer systems are required to support regional coding." However, "Use of region playback codes is optional for content providers..."Some current estimates suggest 70% of available [movie] Blu-ray Discs from the major studios are region-code-free and can therefore be played on any Blu-ray Disc player, in any region.


The bottom-line appears to be that neither the DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs are region free, contrary to what was stated by Getmusic for Deluxe Edition.

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I have not heard back from the email I sent over a week ago, so I just sent another explaining we have deduced that the DVD is in fact coded for Region 4 when it was promoted as region-free.  I also told them that PAL vs. NTSC is not my issue, as I have many PAL DVD's that work just fine.


Let's see if I get a response this time.  I specifically asked for a replacement DVD that works.

I only got my hands on a deluxe copy yesterday (had to order it in) and just stuck the DVD into my laptop... it is registering as Region 4 PAL. Hit change region code button just to see what would come up and sure enough - it came up as Region 4.


Positive proof now that it is definitely without a single doubt, a regional code problem and not an PAL/NTSC problem.


BTW: The Blu-ray shows not a sign of Region B restrictions (and my Bond 007 movies that are Blu-ray are restricted and they also have a dirty big "B" written across them).


Yes, people can use this post of mine as ammo to fight back with as far as Getmusic is concerned (I am in Australia) but remember, hounding Getmusic with emails at this time of year can only make the situation worse so give them a bit more time.

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Well...an instant response this time:


"Hi Joyce,
Thanks for getting in touch!
Our deepest apologies for the incompatibility issues with the formatting of this item.
Please be aware we are currently working on a solution for this problem and will update everyone affected as soon as possible.
Best wishes,

T @ Getmusic Team"


I think they know they screwed up.  I'm willing to wait and let them sort it out.

Originally Posted by Steve Bodd:
I have a bunch of PAL DVD content (BBC stuff, mostly), so I bought a $40 Philips DVD player on amazon,com which can play both PAL and NTSC content, and can be set to play discs from any region. So for those in the US, this may be option if you can spring for that... Here's a link to a more recent model than mine:


This works!

$50, including shipping.  And I didn't have to set anything.  It plays absolutely anything, from any region, right out of the box.

(For what it's worth, I had to buy a new TV a couple of weeks ago - old one died-, and my old multiregion DVD player was jury-rigged to the new TV with a bunch of converters, so I had to upgrade anyway.)

Thanks Steve!

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I heard back from Get Music today too. Apparently they were told by Universal/EMI that the discs were Region free, so they are in the same boat as the rest of us. Universal/EMI are sorting it out.
I heard back from Get Music today too. Apparently they were told by Universal/EMI that the discs were Region free, so they are in the same boat as the rest of us. Universal/EMI are sorting it out.

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