Thanks Brownie for sending email, I got sidetracked and didn't get around to it.  Does appear the consensus is that DVD definately is not region free.  Hopefully, getmusic will do the right thing and send replacement DVDs that will work to all of us in the US.


CDs are fantastic though and well-recorded. Personally, I appreciate the lack of between song chatter and crowd noise. A true classic and one of my new favorites.

Hope other folks get a speedier response from Getmusic, I've emailed them three times this week to ask if my boxset has been posted, still no reply........


Are the DVDs and blurays working for anyone in the uk?


all a bit worrying after spending over 60 dollars...

Originally Posted by mikelm:
CDs are fantastic though and well-recorded. Personally, I appreciate the lack of between song chatter and crowd noise. A true classic and one of my new favorites.

I agree completely.  The CDs sound wonderful.   I love the version of Private Universe.  It reminds me very much of the version I heard the other night in NYC.
Originally Posted by finnmatt:

 Are the DVDs and blurays working for anyone in the uk?


all a bit worrying after spending over 60 dollars...


Can't vouch for whether the discs will work in UK (I'm in Oz) however I do understand where you are coming from with the cost of purchase and shipping. (Just this day I discovered the entire remastered three-seasons of a fave TV show on iTunes is on offer for $30 AUD per season... I paid $330 AUD a little over 2yrs ago to ship the exact same show on DVD from the States!)


IF it is found to be a manufacturing fault, then everyone who purchased a copy SHOULD be covered under any "return/refund" clause of sale.


If not, then I'm afraid that non-Australasian residents will be forced to invest in multi regional players. Even that might turn out to be an expensive experiment.


EDITED TO ADD: Why regional codes can't be set to 0/ABC for everybody is something I'll never understand. It doesn't stop DVD piracy - all it does is makes it harder for people who want to legally purchase a product that is not genuinely available in their territory. After dipping into money that I cannot spare to spend, I would expect the purchased product to work in my player(s) too. 

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From what I have read in different places, Get Music told more than a few people (myself included) that the dvd and blu rays could be played in ANY country (which turns out to be not true) and they are also failing to respond to people's messages.


Poor customer care/service on their part indeed 

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For what it's worth, the DVD is listed as Region 4 on for the DVD-only release.  It does not specify any region code for the deluxe set, although I would assume it is the same DVD put in a different box.


That still doesn't explain why this DVD does not play in my player, which plays everything else I have thrown at it that is NOT "region free."


I sent that email to getmusic on a weekend.  I don't expect to hear (if at all) till next week.


I'm certainly not going to return the whole thing, as the CDs work perfectly.  Although I will be very disappointed if this DVD issue does not get resolved.

I'm hopeful musicglue will make good on their "snafu".  If I didn't get go to Neil's  NY showcase, I might be a wee bit more annoyed.  Just feeling inconvenience with DVD issue.  I can't imagine Neil Finn will allow such a mistake to not be erradicated.  Time will tell.  (In the mean time, please look for my modest pics of Neil and Liam on The Finn Brothers Appreciation Society Group page or Twitter:  #neilfinn and #liamfinn.)



I just received my Deluxe Edition yesterday and have the same problems. The Blu Ray and DVD do not work on my Blu Ray player. I'm sure they work on my computer but I was looking forward to watching it on a larger screen, not a computer. Cd's both work and sound great. Just really annoying to spend all that money to have it not work despite claims that it's region free.

Has anybody gotten any reply yet from (It's already Tue in Aus). That website still indicates "This format of 'Goin’ Your Way’ is Region 0 (Region Free)" when clearly it's not. Any way to escalate this Jaffaman? Really hope something is done to rectify this...

I've just checked the FAQ page of the website. Someone has rather angrily posted about this on their questions page.


Apparently an employee of the company has answered the question there. It is region free but is strictly restricted to the PAL format and not compatible with the NTSC setup.


Page can be found here:


If that was the case, then wouldn't the DVD versions work in US/Canadian frenz's computers? (modern versions excluded but surely older computers should play it)


If however the PAL/NTSC compatibility is the problem here, then frenz in UK shouldn't have any issues.


BTW: I personally don't buy into that PAL/NTSC compatibility thing. 


How come NTSC programmed discs work without issue on PAL equipment yet PAL programmed discs don't work on NTSC equipment? That is STUPID!

I got a reply to this morning, apologising for not answering the 3 messages I sent last week, saying they would reply to my query soon. Poor, poor service.........Ordered 10 days ago, still don't even know if it's been dispatched.

I have not yet received a reply from getmusic.


This disc is NOT region free.  If it were region free PAL format, I could play it!  I have dozens and dozens of such DVDs.  (Even if it is NOT region free PAL format, I should be able to play it with the player I have!)

I received my deluxe edition today and was sad to find that neither the DVD nor Bluray will play on any of my players or computers.  I emailed the company ahead of time to confirm that the Bluray would be playable, to which they responded:


"Thanks for getting in touch!  This Bluray is Region 0 (region free) and can be played on Bluray players from anywhere.  Best wishes, S @ Getmusic"


So, I have emailed asking for the full refund and for the company to cover the cost of return shipping.  It's disappointing, but they clearly made a mistake when they said it could be played anywhere.  Now I just want my money back.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Add me to the list of sad pandas, tried the DVD Saturday night and just kept getting "wrong region" on my NTSC/PAL-compatible dvd player. I haven't tried it yet in the computer, but remain hopeful... The CDs are so delightful that I don't feel completely ripped off but definitely disappointed. I just wish the whole "region" crap were nonexistent, I don't see the point in this intertwined global community.

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