Finally found a full live version of Go Your Own Way with neil on lead. Solid while not spectacular.

since this whole fleetwood mac adventure began and i went diving into their music and learnijg more about lindsey buckingham ive been transfixed by this performance from a few years ago - it’s pretty WOW (even if, i would submit, buckingham’s guitar is largely muted and the backing players notes are out front)... it’s still a cracking performance

Neil hasnt popped at this level yet ... fingers crossed we get there - it’s their biggest song







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Thank you for this enjoyable post!  I have more respect for Lindsey now, while still impressed by Neil's task.

Mind that is comparing a poor quality audience recording with a professional recording.  But Lindsey is certainly being a showman, it's funny though I'm coming to Fleetwood Mac because of Neil Finn a lot of Mac fans annoyed about Lindsey's departure, I just hope they take advantage of Neil to create some new music.

To be frank, i think neil is struggling with the high note on ‘your’ during the refrain of ‘go YOUR own way’ ... backing singers are covering for him.

For what it’s worth, I think this only further proves the point that nobody sings a LB song as well as Lindsey just as nobody sings a NF song as well as Neil.  Really unfortunate to me that Neil is singing any Lindsey songs when FM has so many other songs in their repertoire to choose from for him to sing (such as Sentimental Lady, Dust, Man of the World) or, better yet, he could be singing more of his own songs than just the perfunctory DDIO and IGY.

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I like it overall, I love watching Neil in it, but I don't feel the song - might be the song itself, or something else, maybe the voices don't gel properly, or the audio in the recording doesn't do it justice. No idea yet, but I'm happily watching all these videos, following this story and the band dynamic.

silent stream posted:

Our boy is starting to pop...


This sentence makes me smile. Kind of symbolic of the tone here, and that's, well, good 

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