I don't know if I even like this now. Thinking of trashing it and starting again. Michael Flynn, the winery tour photographer gave me these beautiful hi-res photos to work with, which give scope to so much more fine detail, but I feel as though I've lost my mojo.
It printed pretty good too, once I switched off "photo enhance" and adjusted the saturation up a little. If the photographer gives me the go-ahead (he's a really nice guy, so it shouldn't be a problem) I was thinking of block mounting a few to sell at the Te Awamutu Visitor's Centre.
I would make a hopeless commercial artist, merely because if I start a project with money on my mind, I inevitably f@#$ it up.
As for the mural idea, oh yes, my long suffering SO would LOOOOOOVE that! Think it might have to wait til I win the lottery and buy my beautiful mansion, half way up the mountains in Queenstown, NZ.

We can't make the dream come true
We can rest a while and contemplate the view...
Just changing the image location, to give myself some more web space: Smiler
And a very subtle variation:

Or 2 Smiler:

Put all my decent computer art creations in the same place, so as Tim could look at my work. Wrote to him last night, I SOOOOOOO want to do the new album cover.
Perhaps, I ought to write another letter:
Dear Santa,
Apart from a trip to NZ and some wonderful concerts, the past year has been perfectly horrible! I have been as good as can be expected, under the circumstances. There is really only one thing I want this year....
Well, I just took the plunge and had the original image printed onto canvas. Hope it works out ok. On my next trip to NZ, I am thinking of approaching the Te Awamutu Visitors Centre to sell them for me.
I need someone to make a 3D model of this one too:

If it could also be made small enough to set in a ring, I could see those selling off the merch table at a gig; the aFINNity ring. Smiler Much looking forward to putting the new album cover in there. I kept the original PSD with all the layers in tact.
Just received my 41x40cm canvas print of this particular work and it looks amazing.

Got it hanging on the wall in the spare room. Definitely plan to get a few more done on my next NZ trip and approach the Te Awamutu Visitors Centre about selling them for me.

Forgive me for resurrecting an old thread. I have 2 subtle variations of this work in my gallery at http://delphoene.deviantart.com/gallery/44082912 . I was wondering which one people like better:

This one with the rainbow colours


Or this one with the gold


It was the rainbow coloured one that I got blown up to larger-than-life and printed onto canvas, but now I'm thinking I prefer the gold, because the tears look more real. The original idea, which I didn't really achieve was to make it look as though the colour from Tim's eyes was tinting the water, same way as melted glaciers carry the micro dust of coloured stone to the waters of the South Island of NZ. In the rainbow coloured version, it kind of looks as though he's got toothpaste gel coming out of his right eye!

I thought of selling canvas prints at the Te Awamutu Visitors Centre, but looking at my old work, I can always see what's wrong with it and I'm not so sure it would sell. My partner thinks the only folk who would buy it would be those who share my "lust" for Tim Finn (his words.)

I want your opinions please! 

Well, I submitted both versions to a group I'm part of on Deviant Art and both received the same amount of appreciation, which is nice, but it doesn't help me decide which one's better. If it weren't so quiet round here, I'd put it to the vote.

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