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I don't think that's the case. On a radio show a few months back they asked him if he's working on solo projects, a family band album, Finn Brothers or Crowded House next and he said something like "all of the above, I'm not sure what will emerge first."

He also said in the not too distant past, that Crowded House are "up on blocks in the garage" - dormant but still existing.

With all that said, I bet it'll be several years, given his current projects, before we hear anything new from Crowded House...

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I hope you are all right. But given Neil's inclination to work solo or with family & friends, this is the last new material we're going to hear from CH ("new" meaning original stuff we haven't heard).  Otherwise, after he does do promotion for these re-issues, how long will it be before his next solo work? Or something with Liam, or Tim?  What about touring after any or all of these efforts?  I just can't imagine when he would bring the members of the band together to record a new record and tour on it.  He might as well keep the band up on those blocks in his garage; or, at least that's what I think he will eventually conclude.

There was a post on the forum a few weeks back, from someone who asked Mark Hart if they were working on a new CH album, and Mark's response was "no new album, but a 5 disc box-set is expected to be released around November this year..." . That post was deleted shortly after...

I personally think that goodhearted Mark spilled the beans on something that will probably  be announced publicly at a later time... (i really hope he didn't get in trouble for that).

Also, Matt has recently said that he is STILL a member of CH. If the band were through, he (and others) would refer to their roles in past-tense.

My final piece of evidence, is that we've been told that Nick Seymour is currently working on the Artwork for the box-set. That to me proves his involvement with the band...

We probably won't get a new album or tour for now (I really hope I'm wrong), but I predict he CH machinery (press releases, new website, interviews, articles, etc.) will be VERY active later this year...

Any promotional shows this year will be great, I hope they happen.  It just occurred to me that it's been six years since Intriguer...and with two other projects it will be at least 10 years before the next studio CH record, which would be the same gap as between Farewell and Time On Earth.  CH Mark 3.  I don't know...I just can't see that happening.  But that doesn't mean I'm not thrilled with the idea of reissues or a box set, I am---I've been waiting on this since it was first intimated, which was a long time ago (not sure how long at this point).  Believe me, I'm grateful for anything we get and will be first in line to buy whatever comes out in the fall.  I'm just speculating as to what the future of the band looks like, and if there is one.

The last few years Neil has talked a big game about upping his output, saying he wants to release an album every year and things like that. But so far it's been business as usual.

If he ever actually works as quickly as he wants to, we could see a CH album a lot sooner than 10 years. Actually, if it was next after the current projects, at his regular pace it would still be sooner than that (I'd guess 5ish years).

Not holding my breath though...

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The average time it takes for Neil to put out an album of all new material is 30 months.  Neil generally releases *something* every 20 months (new album, live album, rarities collection, etc.).

It's been 27 months since Neil released Dizzy Heights, so we are overdue for something this year (probably the box set).  The longest time Neil has gone without releasing anything was 36 months between Temple of Low Men and Woodface.  The second longest time was between Pajama Club and Dizzy Heights at 29 months.

The longest time Neil has gone between proper album releases of all new materials is 41 months between One Nil and Everyone is Here, but he filled that gap by releasing One All and the 7 World Collide live album.

Both Pajama Club (15 months) and Dizzy Heights (29 months) were released sooner than the average of 30 months.  In order to continue to beat his average, he would need to release a new album in July, which would be 29 months from the release of Dizzy Heights.  That doesn't seem likely. 

So, aside from Pajama Club, there is little to signal that Neil is picking up the pace.  I guess he's working on two albums at once right now though.  If they both come out before the end of 2017 that would be a feat.  Then we could see a new Crowded House album between January and June 2020.  That's my prediction.

If he doesn't release an album of new material by August 2017 it will be the longest he has ever gone between releases of new material.

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I would also add that if you break up Neil's career into decades you get the following averages:

1986-1995 - New album every 28.0 months
1996-2005 - New album every 35.3 months
2006-2014 - New album every 28.5 months

So while not quite releasing new materials on pace with the original Crowded House albums (and Finn), he's certainly picked up the pace from the long slog of 1996-2005 when he only released three albums of new material.

A band exists until the members decide that it doesn't any more. And even then they can change their mind. The Eagles: "Hell Freezes Over". I guess that everyone will be able to guess why that album was called what it was.

Neil basically will be able to convene CH pretty much any time he wants to. I'm not sure if I hope he does; I'm happy with whatever he blesses us with.

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If Neil wants do record a new CH record - what I personally hope - with the existing members, it had to be in the next 1-3 years. Remember, Mark Hart is 62 already, and the other members aren't getting younger too...So I doubt "it'll be years and years from now..", especially when it comes to touring. If there will be a new CH record, it has to be in the very near future. That's just MHO.

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