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Sugar Mouse posted:

Not a fan of this one. Too much Liam and not enough Neil. 

The thing is though, Liam is more than capable of writing a good song.  I like a lot of Liam’s songs, and some are just sublime.  So I don’t think it’s as simple as too much Liam and not enough Neil.

I honestly don’t know what it is. *laughs*


I’m not a fan of Tchad Blake’s production.  He creates a very cluttered soundscape that sometimes obscures the quality of the underlying song.  That was certainly the case with Back to Life. An acoustic duo with Neil and Liam on Aussie TV a couple of months ago was way better than the recorded version with all the annoying Tchad Blake sound affects - some which sound like a box of cutlery being dropped on the floor.

Having said that, I do like Ghosts a lot. The song lends itself more to the Tchad Blake treatment. I particularly like the guitar sound.


Ok. I should clarify. For me, Ghosts had too much eccentric Liam and not enough melody, dynamic variation, and structure for my liking. The ending is interesting though. Not sure how I feel about the production. In general, I prefer simple clean production. Would be cool if Neil and Liam issued a bonus disc of the songs recorded live without production flourishes like in the Back To Life performance. 

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I only just realised that it's Liam singing lead vocals on Hold Her Close!  I actually feel pretty stupid now...

I guess I just assumed it would be Neil, being released as a double A-side digital single with Ghosts, which is another Liam track. And ever since I heard it I thought it sounded like Neil. Just goes to show how similar their voices are, even to a massive fan like me.

Does Neil sing any vocals on Hold Her Close? A bit of background vocals maybe?

Been on vacation, so I missed this thread when it first started; just listened to Ghosts for the first time. Not great, but I don't dislike it. Gets really nice toward the end. I will echo that Liam has some fantastic songs; Spill the Light and Cold Feet can hold their own with anything his dad has written. But he takes more risks than Neil, as I think Tim does as well. Some work, some don't, but then, we all have different tastes, and I'm sure some like his more "eccentric" tracks. As for the production, it doesn't seem out of place to me, for the song. I might change my mind if I did hear a more stripped down version. Remember that Neil specifically wanted a lot of "clutter" on Dizzy Heights.

All in all, I was a bit critical of Out of Silence for it's "sameyness". I don't think I will be saying that about Lightsleeper.

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