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Been sending out quite a few of these per day (mostly UK)..think we have contacted everyone re: orders that are being mailed.... also a VIP email just went out and I included a list of club members who didn't get back to us in NOV-DEC with address confirmation.  

(Please note a handful of people on this list have JUST emailed us..with their current mailing address for the book so don't panic if you have done that and your name is on this are fine).

If you haven't been in contact & your name IS on the list PLEASE email me (

We can now finally see our office floor not too many to go (PHEW) thank you to the many who have been patient-it is a huge task!


Robyn Ball-Aust,  Michael Ball-USA, Rosemarie Brown-USA, Alex Badke-germany, Colin Barton-Eire, Piers Blanchard-UK, Carlos Coelho-Canada, Campbell Clark-UK, Dawn Connor-UK, Clare Choubey-UK, Victoria Delaney-UK, Andrew Davis-UK, Elin Grimes-UK, Jim Gracie-USA, Sonya Van Heyking (Harris) -Canada,Cheryl Hanson-USA, Todd Harris-USA,  Kathleen Hebb-Canada, Kevin Jordan-Nth. Ireland, Christine Kees-Canada, Andy Kiernan UK , Alisa King-USA, Mark Kenney-USA, Mark Langdell- UK, Phil Lindsay-UK, Dana Molloy-USA, Kristie Martin-USA, Brian Miller-USA , Keith Lawrence-UK, Kelly Muggleton-UK, Darren McLean-UK, Kevin Mott-UK, David Murton-UK, Chris Meageer-UK, Jasmine Nunn-UK,Sandra Plunk-USA, Midge Paulak-USA, Beth Potter-USA,  Greig Reilly-UK, Elena Ramos-Spain, Margaret Reeves-USA, Kristin Roche-USA, Wayne Smith-Canada, Brian Stwalley-USA, Bob Schenkenfelder-USA, Stewart Thompson-USA, Evvie Vincow-USA, Mike Wade-UK, Gregory Weston-USA, Richard Webster-USA, Mary Worley-USA, Eric Woods-UK, Mary Yoneda-USA, Zoe de York-belgium. 

Happy to report the very last CH GHOST CARS left the office today so the mail pile has gone -hurrah hurrah!  (we can see the carpet again in the office) We have about 24 copies aside for the people that still need to RECONFIRM.  I'll try for a 3rd time to email you all.


Frenz Com has 24 aside , and i'll give the info to Deb over the next week-been a bit sidetracked (sorry Deb, my bad on this delay).   There is some small amount of stock at RPB (I'll mention it on the other Post how many we have left).


NOTE- we won't be getting another print run, so it will keep the book unique and collectible so once stock goes, it will probably only be available as a high price item on Ebay.


p.s.-also-thank you from me- you guys have been so amazingly patient-it has been an epic task, not a single complaint which is appreciated. 

Brilliant book - I would say that I got a credit... Bless you Pete and Mark.  Anyway a review....


'Never leave home without it.  Just think you're in the Urals and a total stranger is trying to speak pidgin english to you; he needs information about date and venue that Crowded House played on that first American tour in 1987.  Well with THIS book you can WOW him with your fountain of knowledge... He will be overcome with emotion because YOU, YES YOU!  Have spiritually enriched his life, he WILL tell all the people in his town.  Chances are you will end up being given the freedom of whatever town this man comes from, be made the mayor and (it's only a matter of time) end up being the owner of Chelsea football team... Somewhere in the process of this humbling gesture of goodwill you will ALSO (probably) save the world from Nuclear Holocaust (come on the North Koreans will get to find out), wipe out third world debt, end famine, cure both aids and cancer AND keep Justin Bieber out of the charts (this I feel is probably THE most important!)...... So, summing up: without this book mate you're knackered.': Throne Room Readers Choice Award Winner 2013 

Last edited by horse 2 water ski-ing

Thanks for the review "horse 2.." wow!!  *GRIN* love it-thank you (anything that keeps Bieber out!!).


Also obviously the first 2 words of my post above were "A Venue"  sorry about the typeo!


Stewart Thomson-USA, Gregory Weston-USA and Kevin Jordan-Nth Ireland  yours books have been mailed too.  We still have about 18 people who have not reconfirmed their address or emailed me re: Ghost Cars-we continue to hold copies for you.


The book is just below the 2% mark- if people need a copy go to  or the merch page of the F/16 Frenz Com site (


Thanks again

Thanks Mattam-there may be a couple more gigs to add to the live list-I thought I'd save up a few (if we get a few) and post them here & people can just add to the spare pages at the back. Thanks again for the kind words on GHOST CARS.  It will be very strange when these final few have gone, I've grown use to seeing it floating about the office & popping them in the mail to countries far and wide.

Tonight I've started painting the cover for THE EARLY YEARS- which is a prequel to the Diary books- raining at Kalorama so a nice night to be in the art room.

Hey thanks for that, yes a lot in those pages..glad you enjoyed it. Yes we tried with Matt, we do have an in house policy (with our office) if a band member doesn't want to do something, or doesn't have a vibe, we ask a few times & that's it.  It was a bit odd as we really get along exceptionally well with him.... but sometimes you may not want to do stuff around a band..I get that.... honestly no biggie, fine with his call (or lack of) (*GRIN*) glad you enjoyed it though.... 

Hey thank you Phil-glad you enjoyed it. It's almost extinct at this end, we are digging into the small pile put aside for Frenz.Com and after that..all gone.


Also we have about 14 copies aside still not collected- from those who haven't re confirmed their address. I might run the names here again in case someone knows one of the 14. 

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