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Our dear Gryphon posted earlier on Twitter -

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Unexpected moment for me, I'm in hospital! So a quick tweet, all ok. Back in again in a few days for kidney stone op! So I'm off the air"

Speedy recovery, Peter and watch out for those cheeky nurses! Wink

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It will all be good, in a few weeks, the one good thing that came from this is that all my other areas are 100% healthy.
Those kidney stones- just time for them to leave the building.. One has gone on a tour around my body and ended up in a dangerous spot so specialist and operation this Wed (14th) as I so do not want to lose a kidney!
I originally was hoping Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) would do it and probably will for the small ones (in a few weeks) but main Op for the one that became a rolling stone (I've nicknamed him Keef).
Never having stayed in a hospital before I actually am a bit scared (yeah I know me scared -weird) but know once it's done it's nearly over, though talk of a stent for a week or two is a bit of a worry so fingers crossed that wont happen. Even the word "stent" sounds ych.
Blown away by the emails and cards and such good vibes -thank you. Till I'm back on deck been limiting myself (and Mark is indeed spoiling me).
The final batch of Time & Tide covers is in NZ (Mr Rayners) so they should be back when I get home , so thanks for being patient on these last few.

Thats all folks and thanks
Yes full on day, am home again but 2 weeks in bed so my office is now my bedroom.
Wont go into the gory details but full on & it has improved (less blood! Yieks).
The best part is that my kidneys are on the mend so I was lucky, all this from a small 3mm stone or two.
Thanks for all the emails and cards etc.
Back in on April 2nd and then one final blast of the ol' extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy a month later.
Looks like mine were created from eating my greens (like spinach) and also things like beetroot! So much for the old line "stay healthy and eat your greens". Crazy eh?
So glad you're feeling better and that it's all getting taken care of. You probably already know this... it's the naturally occuring oxalic acid in spinach, beetroot (called swiss chard in the States), rhubarb etc that causes the problem. There's some evidence that heat (e.g. cooking) the veggies exaggerates the situation as that process binds the oxalic acid to calcium, often leading to kidney stones. Eating the stuff raw is safer, but limiting intake altogether is a good idea.
Yeah thanks Parula

Yes after the last few months I'm the king of information on kidney stones *GRIN*... oddly enough the bulk of green leaf I eat are raw (like spinach leaves).

I think I just fall into one of those odd percentage categories where it causes some grief and creates these. Sucks too as I do like my green leafy vegies.

"Eudoxia"-depends on the individual..example Dark Chocolate overall is better for you BUT not for kidney stones- it has the highest Oxalates..

I think i read for woman who have hyperglycemia they have a higher chance to get stones too...
I guess with 20 million kidney stones removed every year there are so many things that cause them.

I drink loads of water but it did zero to prevent them.. exercise, healthy diet, sometimes they just happen.

I'm just glad that they have nearly all left the building (or pounded by ultrasound waves- you should see the ESWL machine -AMAZING!!!).
OPB Gryphon:

"Eudoxia"-depends on the individual..example Dark Chocolate overall is better for you BUT not for kidney stones- it has the highest Oxalates..

I guess I'm the only human being that doesn't like chocolate that much. I can eat it under constriction, but I really can't understand why you all are so crazy for it.

So I will avoid it without tears... Smiler

I'm concerned because talking with friends about this I discovered A LOT of people had kidney stones. I thought the Mediterranean Diet was protective for that, but apparently I'm wrong.


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