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After the recent passing of the "quiet Beatle", I really wanna show my respect for him by buing one or a couple of his albums - which ones do you suggest? Is there a best of out there that is worth buying, besides the best of relesed about mid 70's methinks with Side 1 George's best Beatle material and side 2 solo material (which I've already got)?
Early morning
November 29
I hear on the radio
George Harrison has died
Free at last
With his mate in the sky
Like he never had died...

In the name of love - one more in the name of love
In the name of love - one more in the name of love

Sing it for Jimi Hendrix
Sing it for Elvis Presley
Sing it for Mother Therasa
For Princess Diana
For Martin Luther King
For John Lennon
Sing it
For George Harrison
Rest in peace George
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The essential George album is his first proper solo LP All Things Must Pass, reissued this year with extra tracks. Fantastic songs... one of my favourite albums.

The next in line? That's a tricky one. I'd probably go for Thirty Three and 1/3 from 1976 but, like all his records, it's patchy. I guarantee all George fans will suggest different albums.

There was a second greatest hits CD released about 1990 which featured tracks from 1976 on. No doubt, there'll be an updated version out next year.
It depends on what you want. Although it was a dreadful kick in the teeth for George, the best starting point is probably 1976's Best of George Harrison (which you've got) because it has all his best known songs on it. Thereafter I would recommend Best Of Dark Horse 1976 - 1989 because it contains all his most well known songs from that period.

However, if you want to dive into his proper albums, I'd go for Cloud Nine and All Things Must Pass. The latter contains brilliant songs, beautiful lyrics and a whole albums worth of crap instrumentals you'll never play twice. The record is mostly the songs George wrote during The Beatles but they never recorded and contains a lot of references to his spiritual beliefs. It is a great record, but not one you can play as light entertainment / background music. Its one of my all time favourite albums by anybody ever.

Cloud Nine is about as contemporary as any of his records ever got. It was produced by Jeff Lynne so sounds like the Wilburys (although it pre-dates them by a year). Has some fantastic songs and is probably his most accessible record. Gets the full five stars too.

The rest are patchy (with some genuinely fantastic moments) but are bloody hard to find. Four of his albums have never even been issued on CD in the UK...
Yeah, the Best of Dark Horse is a good one if you don't want to get his entire discography...But my favorite album of George's is kind of a not-very-well-known one called Gone Troppo. (I have the LP, believe it or not!!) There is a song on it that does not appear on Best of Dark Horse called "Dream Away". You may be familiar with it, it was used in the movie Time Bandits. It is my favorite George solo song.
Cloud Nine is good, too, if you like George's top-40s sound. (Again, I have the LP--gee I feel old!!)
Dark Horse (the orginal 1974 album)is a good one, too, if you want to check out a more spiritual side of Mr.Harrison. (ANOTHER LP--GET ME MY ROCKING CHAIR!!)

Plus, you may want to check out the first Travelling Wilburys album--it is an all around perfect album, in my opinion.

I am still very sad he is gone. Frowner
True. There are some fantastic songs on there (GT, I Really Love You, That's The Way It Goes) but it also has a few bloopers. Its also one of the infamous four that weren't available on CD in the UK...

And you really should check out the instructions for making concrete Smiler

I wouldn't recommend Dark Horse (the album) to the newcomer for the simple reason that the songs aren't his most tuneful and he recorded whilst suffering from laryngitis, so his voice is shot. It shows how things have changed: nobody would release an album these days if the vocals were so rough. Then again, I doubt George gave a monkeys about how commercial a record it was...
Exactly, Paul. And yeah, you are right, Dark Horse may scare some newcomers, but I don't mind that his voice isn't perfect on it. I like to hear what the Japanese call the Wabi:the flaw that makes you beautiful.
And as for the "bloopers" on GT, well, yeah, but I can lift the needle and skip over what I don't like (cuz we have no CD for it!! Razzer )
Thanks... Paul, Julie and Jeremy... now let's see...

All Things Must Pass
Best Of Dark Horse
Cloud Nine
33 1/3

And then a little later...
Dark Horse

I actually found 'George Harrison' on LP in a second hand record shop. Is it worth getting? It was dirt cheap ($8 me thinks), but I didn't recognise any of the songs on it, except for Not Guilty, because of The Beatles Anthology.

Thanks alot and I will search for those 4!
Yay!! I got Gone Troppo!! $30 bucks in a second hand record store, but it's like new, in mint condition. I haven't had time to listen to it yet but, I'm eagerly witing for a time to! I've got exams at skool at the moment and have to study Mad So I haven't really had time to listen to anything this week...
I know where to get All Things Must Pass on LP and CD aswell!!
At the ahop I was at there were a few GH LP's, the only other one I can remember is one called Somewhere in England I think...
Well, thanks again to all of you guys!!

Love and Peace
Two final quick hints:

if you can find a copy of the 2001 reissue of All Things Must Pass, go for it: the sound quality is FAR better (a) because the tracks were remixed to improve clarity and (b) because the original CD was mastered from 3rd (yes 3rd) generation tapes!

If you find a copy of Live In Japan, get that too, its wonderful.

(And a bonus hint: "George Harrison" is a beautiful little record, very wistful)

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