I have seen greater creative fan involvement happening with other bands in past years, and the "Intriguer lyrics contest" was definitely a step in the right direction.

What else do you think could or should be done? I still maintain that a quality dancefloor remix of a new song close to the time of the single release might do some good: allow access to, say four stereo tracks of a new single (rhythm, vocals, keyboards, guitars) and open a contest about who of the resident remixers would come up with the catchiest and/or best remix, then release that to clubs, or as a download, or as a free promo track.

Might do wonders for their crossover appeal: "hey, decent tune, what's that name of the band?"


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Back when I used to do aerobics classes, I heard many a good song murdered via dance remix. I would prefer not to see that happen to a Finn song.
I know two girls (>20) -- who are into Kate Bush's more "exotic" stuff now -- who have told me they first heard of her in clubs when the DJ played a remix of "King Of The Mountain".

All those who do not dig this kind of treatment, they don't need to listen to it. But where else do kids *concentrate* on music that they are exposed to?

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