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Oh it has to 1994 St Georges Hall, Bradford

Paul throws a bottle of beer up to the gods and it doesnt quite make it.

The bottle, on its return journey, makes a landing all over the mixing desk.

Paul leaves the stage and Neil does a few acoustic songs including messgae to my girl if i recall!

I think it was the same gig where Neil taught the audience how to speak aussie/nz.

"Hold the bridge of your nose and add the letters i and e to the every word..for example a christmas present is a chrisie pressie"

The Nick mentions once when in Melbourne a taxi driver said he was "looking forward to getting home so he could put on his leccie blankie"

ahhh memories.... both of crowdies and living in the uk!
I recall a funny moment possibly back in the 80s, early 90s. Can't recall the exact line, but during a live performance at MuchMusic video station here in Toronto, Paul was giving advice on how to tell if a condom was still usable or not by filling it with tap water.

Of course, I can't relay the hilarity of it, but keep in mind this was a national broadcast in Canada with likely a few million people watching. Very funny stuff.
This wasn't really CH on stage but still a funny moment all the same...
Catch 22 Interview, 1986. Wink
Paul: One... Two... Three...
Nick: Hi. We're Crowded House.
Paul: Sure are.
Neil: [serious facial expression] And when we're in Anchoridge, we don't get on a flight to sea-ol.
Nick: WE DON'T WHAT???!!!
Neil: To Soual.
All: Laughing
Neil: [Embaressed] Soual.. How'd you say it???
Interviewer: Seoul.
Neil: We don't get on a flight to Korea!

I laugh like crazy just thinking about this interview. Big Grin There's more funny parts in this interview but sorry, can't say it here. Too long. Frowner

Another funny moment {and this was live} was Neil and Nick's interview on Later With Jools 1994. Jools Holland embaresses Neil by showing him a short clip of Enz performing 'IGY', while Nick appears to be enjoying it. Short time later, Neil gets him back by bringing up the topic of Nick's musical past.

NEIL: What about Nick? He used to tour around Oz with his family singing Christan Irish Folk Songs. Come on, lets have a clip of those then. Where are they?{Seymour Family Singers}
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Surprised no one mentioned the occasion when the band were discussing their appearance on Top Of The Pops. And how Paul met Mrs Neil Sedaka. Needless to say it didn't work out well.

Paul"...that's the last time I speak to ol' knackers Sedaka. Stuff him."

For fans this incident is on the 2nd Weather With You single.

Or how about from the Roxy in 1987...:

Neil:'s been a very good year here at Roxy High. In a moment, we'll be having the prize giving ceremony. Paul's made a list..."

(Neil's interuppted by screaming girls in the front of the audience going "Me! Me! Me!")

Paul: Oh yes. You'll go!
Neil: (To girl in audience) Hey! You've won prizes before!
Paul: (To same girl) You know what your prize is, don't ya?

So do I. That last time just before Neil pounded the wall screaming "GOD!", Nick began on the correct note, then deliberately soared too high. Big Grin
No wonder Eddie Rayner began laughing like hell at the three of them! He was sitting against the back wall behind Neil, Paul and Nick laughing his head off at the three of them acting the fool.Big Grin

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