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The funniest live moment I've heard was when Paul stuffs up Sister Madly
The dialogue goes as such
Nick:That was really bad
Neil:I'm sorry Paul... that was really uncharecteristic
Paul:Fair enough, 10 years of being really good than one mistake.
No no don't clap. Fair enough. It's tough up here. You've got to take the good with the bad.
Neil:Rough with the smooth.
Neil:The clean with the dirty
Paul:But... anyway... in about five minutes time, I won't even remember this. I don't even remember what we were doing before this. It all sound's good up the back there. What are we doing now?

Neil than forms a whole verse around this incident!

The crowd chats are always very funny, like the Audience Trivia Time after the best version of 'When You Come'you'll ever hear.


PS Forgot to mention... these tracks appear on the Recurring Dream Limited Edition Live Album, of which is a great album and if you don't have it, I recommend you try and get your hands on one. It's well worth it.
The Fleadh 94 was funny when Neil was talking about his mother weeping about him playing an Irish festival, also about Bob Dylan. This guy shouted out "GET ON WITH IT". Neil just said "an absurdingly W*****R out in the audience with a sausage stuffed in his gob!" Classic moment.
Also at the Melbourne gi Exit Stage Left, Neil and Paul were on about this Teddy- "Maybe it has Hash stuffed up it's A*** Neil!?!"
One I think we also all know of was the Italy incident, where Neil was talking to the audience and Paul tuning his snare. In the end Neil got so irritated that he smashed his guitar onto the snare and roared
"How does that sound Paul?!" This started a dressing room brawl where Paul pushed Neil out the door to the feet of a few fans waiting for autographs. The funny thing was when he pushed Neil out the door Paul shouted "Come here!"
Truly hilarious moments:

Winterthur 1991 - the stage is right next to the bar, therefore the guys help themselves to some drinks. Nick compares the name of brewery Grolsch with the sound you make when you drink the beer. He goes on about his camping trips with Neil which leaves them yodeling "The Happy Wanderer".

I only heard about this: after being tempted by Neil all evening, Paul actually doing the full monty during the encores somewhere in the US, giving Peter Green in the audience and all at management the willies (is there a pun around here? A real stinker)

Melbourne 1996: Paul forgetting his lines in "Italian Plastic" and all that follows (see the club CD) including the new version of the song.
Neil: "And uh, whad'ya think of Nick's hat there?"
Nick: "It's a genuine Pablo Picasso hat and you'll never guess how much I got it for."
Audience member: "Five bucks!"
Neil: "Five bucks, yeah, that's what I thought."
Nick: "Fifty bucks!"
Neil: "Would you pay fifty bucks for a hat like that?"
Nick: "Fifty bucks! What a bargain!"

Uhhh... this is all from memory. but it IS funny.

And there's no way to describe it, of course, let's just say that Liam decided to turn into a true 16-year-old, began singing Four Seasons in falsetto, and did a half-strip tease that ended only after he tried to get his dad to join in.

The Magic 8-Ball is not intended for making important decisions, President Bush.
Jeremy, the club CD that has Paul forgetting his lyrics to Italian Plastic, and the band making them up for a laugh, is the Exit Stage Left in Melbourne 96'
It is a funny moment- "I bring you plates from Rome, you say they look Satanistic. You say you are on a trip, you better believe it baby." That was Nick singing that part, Neil behaves himself and sings the next verse. Mark changes verse 3 and says "I went to Melbourne, Paul, Nick and Neil were there too. They said they loved Jesus Christ and I said Thats Cool.
I think thats what Mark said anyway, it's coming from memory as I cannot be bothered to play the tape and fast forward, it is a Sunday and I am chilling out.
On the Live at the Ritz concert there was Paul telling...

Paul:I was in a Shop today Neil..somewhere near one of them..places shops..

Neil:yeah you where at the shop..yeah.

Paul:and then I crossed the road and my girlfriend maddie stayed in the shop..

Neil:yeah on brodway

Paul:and shes looking for somethig shes trying something on

Paul: and heard those two girls, in the shop who worked there and they sayed "did you see that guy befor that guy from Crowded House"? and the other girl goes ."Oh no where is he"? and the other girl sayed :"Oh it doesen`t matter he`s gay anyway"!


Nick:about you?

Paul:she sayied "always that gay in the videos"!

Paul:No I wanna ask the good people of new york that Paul Hester akt gays in Crowded House Videos!.....

(me:hhhaaarr , haaarrr)

later... Nick: you know the girl wasn`t saying anything about your girl friend?

Paul: No Maddie just hit her and walked out...

I think this was a coooool funy moment Smiler
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Dorthonion:
[QB]Truly hilarious moments:

"I only heard about this: after being tempted by Neil all evening, Paul actually doing the full monty during the encores somewhere in the US, giving Peter Green in the audience and all at management the willies (is there a pun around here? A real stinker)"

I was there that night and yes, it was the funniest thing I've ever seen them do. Sheer bedalm!

just correcting bono... from his post on the 13th October 2000...

Nick:That was really bad
Neil:I'm sorry Paul... that was really uncharecteristic
Paul:Fair enough, 10 years of being really good than one mistake.
No no don't clap. Fair enough. It's tough up here. You've got to take the good with the bad.
Neil:Rough with the smooth.
Neil:The clean with the dirty
Paul:But... anyway... in about five minutes time, I won't even remember this. I don't even remember what we were doing before this. It all sound's good up the back there. What are we doing now?
it's actually Paul who says "that was really bad"
and it's 7 years or being really bad not 10.

then paul goes I won't even remember that

just thought I'd clear that up... Big Grin

If anyone wants to hear this... It's on reccurring dream bonus live disc...
I think one of the funniest live moments crowded house had was on the Farewell to thw world video when they were doing Sister Madly and Neil mucked up on the verse and Paul laughed...I thought that was good.

Another funny live moment was from the 'Back On The Bus' fanclub CD...

Neil: Have you got any business over my side of stage Nick or did you come to just wish your support?

Nick: Actually I was wishing you a very merry christmas Neil...

Neil: Piss Off

Nick: N, no Merry Christmas mate

Neil: It's not even Christmas yet...

Nick: Well, the festive season willbe upon us very soon...

Neil: You've never ever given me a Christmas Present in your life

Nick: Yes I did..I gave you a pair of nose hair clippers a few years ago if you remember...

Neil: No, no, that wasn't for christmas that was my birthday

Nick: oh, well I'm just reminding you that it is my birthday next week Neil, thank you...

Neil: So you want a pair of nose hair clippers?

Neil: I think we need something to cut the hairs on your back, Nick...

Paul: No, no way...

Nick: (laughs) A Victor mower would suit those I think...

Paul: Yeah, clip those shoulders back Nick...

or something to that extent...

was funny when I first heard it though....

another one of my favourites is on the foreplay CD...when Paulo tells every one his 'Travel tip'

but I think that might be a bit much to put up on the forum...those with this know what I mean... Wink
I seem to have this one on cd, I dunno where it's from but It's Paul trying to kill time while Neils guitar was being tuned,
it's not as funny typed but you can imaging it with Pauls trademarked funniness.....

Neil: 'C'mon Paul, keep going for just 30 seconds or so, your doing well, and my guitar is hopelessly out of tune...'

Paul: 'So there I was, stuck in a lift. Theres me and there's Bowie and Sting at some hotel, you know, and I'm a pretty shy sort of a bloke, and they're picking my brains, about how did we write that song, how did we get that sound, and could David, possibly talk to Nick about design....

and Sting wanted to know about Neils hair transplant thing!!
and all these things came out from us guys in the lift as they do between guys who have been around the bizz....

And the fist thing Sting said to me, was he asked if I had a lighter, which I took to mean he wanted to break the ice....hes a pretty nervous sort of a guy, and I said,
Gordon, Gordon.....sit down Gordy babes, your stuck in a lift with old hessy, and youve brought your mate, lil' Davey Bowie, and your both trying to impress me with your stories about your little hit songs that were years and years ago
and anyway I invited them up to my room, and we did as men do, we wrestled!'

- Sort of bizarre but it just sums up what theyre like on stage. Damn I wish theyd never broken up!
"I only heard about this: after being tempted by Neil all evening, Paul actually doing the full monty during the encores somewhere in the US, giving Peter Green in the audience and all at management the willies (is there a pun around here? A real stinker)"
I was there. It was probably one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. So off the wall and unexpected, causing it to be one of the funniest moments I've experienced.

It took place at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. I think it happened during the Woodface tour; my husband would better remember, and correct me if I'm wrong. It had to have been near Christmas time, because earlier that evening Paul was wearing a Santa hat. I believe it was either 12/16/91 or 12/17/91. If it wasn't then, it was one of the many times we saw them at the Wiltern.

He not only took off all his clothes, in front of us all , he then placed his underwear on top of his head! Everyone was in hysterics! Big Grin

I didn't realize that Peter was in the audience (hi Peter!), but I can imagine it was rather nerve-wracking, wondering what the ramificatons would be.

I was sure there'd be something about it on the news or in the papers the next day.... but nothing! What does a man have to do to get some attention? (haha) Wink

It was a classic moment! But then again, they had many classic moments. Their satire and banter always reminded me of that of the Beatles. Very funny! And sometimes their antics were almost akin to the Marx Brothers. They had a great chemistry both musically and humorously. Too bad it all had to go sour. But then again, nothing lasts forever, not the Beatles, not even Crowded House; it's just human nature. Frowner

I feel badly for any of you who didn't have the pleasure of experiencing Crowded House LIVE! You still have the opportunity of experiencing Neil, and you should do whatever you can to do so!

kia ora and shalom,
Kim Smiler Smiler Smiler Wink Cool
here's afew funny moments....

Joan Rivers: How did you decide on the name Crowded House?

Paul Hester: It was the only one we could spell.

Neil: When yooou ... That's not the right note. But our motto is whenever you make a mistake, do it twice. When yooou There you go, now it's an idea. Not a very good idea, but an idea never-the-less. Hello.

Nick: Gee, he's hairy. Wow.

Paul: A big hairy man. Interesting. Does he have a hairy back do you think?

Nick: Do you think he'll show us his back?

Paul: I bet $10 he has a hairy back.

Nick: 10 bucks.

Neil: $10 to the gentleman down the back, if in fact he has a hairy back. Come on mate.

Paul: If you have no hair, you will win $10. Come on.

All: Show us. Show us. Show us. Show us.

Neil: No hairs Paul, hand it over.

Paul: Skip, you know my advance.

Neil: You know Paul's wages Skip.

Paul: Will you just add a little bit on? Give $10 to the gentleman. $10 in US currency.

Nick: No, no. 15 deutchmarks.
Neil: Welcome to Tim. He's my blood. He's my brother, he's my uncle, he's my sister, he's my cousin, he's my brother.

Tim: He's my blood.

Neil: He's my blood. We shared the same womb. We were wombmates.

Tim: I don't know if I want to think about that Neil.
Neil: There's a paper airplane. I'll have to check that before I continue, hang on. Rules are rules.

Paul: This is a note, this is a note from a guy I was in a band with years ago. Years ago, there was a band, there was a band called...Soul. And I was 11 and I was with Andrew Dorsyth and Paul Ferrari. And uh, we had one gig and we broke up. But it gave me more time to concentrate on my writting. And um, I got in the next band which was called Thunder. We did a few gigs way out in the bush there, and I had the misfortune to make love to a young girl after the first gig I ever did with Thunder, and uh, she was a policeman's daughter and I got arrested. So I left the band which gave me more time to concentrate on my writting. And I went back to see Andrew Dorsyth and Paul Ferrari to see if they would take me back into Soul, but Andrew had decided to write a book. He was a hairdresser. Andrew decided to write a book about the band and his life as a hairdresser stroke lead guitarist and he called it Conditioner. And it was later bought by Hollywood and turned into a screenplay called Shampoo and Andrew Dorsyth's life was played by Warren Beatty, and if you've seen the movie, Goldie Hawn is loosley based on me. Thank you.

heh, heh.... Razzer

J'aime la Maison Encombr�e
What about the guy (Sean?) in Dublin in 1992 who decided not to throw up the regulation 'paper aeroplane' onto the stage, but threw up his Kidney Donor and Order Of Malta cards instead. Or the guy who sent Nick a paper aeroplane with his phone number on it, which prompted Paul Hester to make some very naughty suggestions.... Wink Razzer
One of my favourites comes off one of the It's Only Natural singles. Working from memory here, but I think it is Nick who comments on the likeness between their manager, Skip, and the image on their stage backdrop. They try to coax Skip out on to the stage. Neil says something like "Come out here. Show us your pouch. Show us your little Joey." When Skip eventually does appear, they shine a light on him and the backdrop to show the simularity. Nick cries "A beauuuuuuuuuutiful man!" and Neil very drily says "Yeah, piss off now baldy." Class comedy.

Something like that, someone else can type it up exactly if they like.
this is a split enz one but i thought it was pretty good, and it just came into my head the other day:

at the "final" split enz concert in Auckland in '84, Tim was referring to the so-called rivalry between him and Neil. Then he said something like it was time for them to have a fight on stage. Neil looked a little uncomfortable and just stood there, as if he was willing Tim to change topics.

But Tim had this mischievous look in his eyes and said so perfectly, and so smugly, "You've always been a little sh*t Neil!" Everyone started laughing and when it had died down, Neil responded beautifully with, "The only thing worse than being a little sh*t is being a big sh*t", in a not-so-subtle reference to Tim. Priceless.
i have a question about the recurring dream live CD.. why does Neil says "Nick"! ??
My guess is that Nick is playing a nice little groove whilst Neil & Paul are talking about the Paul mistake, and Paul is drifintg into his "in about 5 minutes time..." haze. Neil says 'Nick' to get him to stop playing, so Neil can start back into 'Sister Madly.' I think he was trying to stop the madness & get back into the song before it was all hopelessly lost.
A wee story for you.

At a concert in Glasgow's Concert Hall in November 1994 (?), one of the roadcrew appeared on stage. He had a Scottish surname (can't remember it now) and we all cheered. Neil advised us this guy was nervous as he never knew his father and it could be one of us in the audience!

However, given that us Scots keep getting labelled as being a wee bit tight with money, Nick decided to add "Yes...and whoever you are you owe 25 years child support money!"

There was a moment's stunned silence until Neil said "Come on, you're're not going to stand for that?!!" This was met by a hearty "F*** off!" from the audience.

Classic moment!
How about one of the famous London Hamersmith Apollo (odeous Odeon) gigs when I remember half way through the gig Paul asking Neil if he could go to the toilet as he was bursting. After he left the stage Neil took over the drums and the band started a new song. A relieved Paul then returned taking up centre stage.
During "I Got You" at CBGB's in 1987, someone (Paul or Nick?) starts echoing Neil's words in a bit of a creepy whisper, which culminates in Paul answering the last line in the sequence. It took me by surprise the first time I heard it.

Neil: There's no doubt
Other voice (whisper): There's no doubt
Neil: That when I'm with you, when I'm without
Other voice (whipser): When I'm without
Neil: I stay in my room (laughing, he says: do you want to finish the song off?). Where do you go?
Other voice (whisper): Where do you go?
Neil: I get no answer
Other voice: No answer...f*ck off!
Neil (laughing): You're always out.. it gets on my nerves.

You can hear the audience laughing at the same time that Neil laughs following the "no answer...f*ck off" comment.

This is my absolute favorite live moment! My husband loves it, too. Every time we hear it, we both burst out laughing!
Metropolis Club, Fremantle, 1991 Smiler

The whole show is pretty funny actually, Nick crowd surfing, Paul going into this dilusional rap about his parents during this is massive...but my favourite is this...

Neil: "Throw down your crutches and walk Paul"
Tim: "Yeah..he's got the best arse in the business"
Neil: (to Tim)"You should know mate, you've been licking it long enough"
Paul: " mates do, as mates do...occasionally you will find ones nose up a mates bum..and by god...I'd rather it be a mates bum than a strangers bum...ya know what I mean?"

.......classic moment..makes me laugh everytime Smiler A really funny show tooSmiler I watched it this morning...lucky I found this thread Smiler
Hi all,

Re: Sister Madly from the Recurring Dream Live disc, I always thought Paul was actually really angry, and not being funny. I presumed this was part of his black depression on the Together Alone Tour. I can't actually listen to this, because it doesn't sound like Paul is joking or having a good time. I could be wrong though Smiler

I like the look on Neil's face when that bloke comes up and hugs him at Farewell to the World, he looks terrified, then he says something along the lines of 'he didn't come up here to kick my a*se or anything', with Paul saying he can feel the love in the background.
I have to agree with sandra.....keep those stories coming. Ive never seen crowded house or neil finn live, and im enjoying hte stories too. I gotta get my hands on the live recurring dream cd.......i just gotta. I wonder if the boys will ever feel nostalgic enough to do a reunion tour. Id give my right arm to see that. Neil.......if you're in here peeking at what the fans are saying about you Pleaaaaaaaaaase have reunion tour! Pleeeeeaaaaaaasssse! And come to edmonton, alberta, Canada. Pleeeeeaaaaase! Frowner
well Half Full, I only ever attended one concert, the one in Philadelphia for the Woodface tour. We had horrible seats. Row U (next to last row, or nearly that, I think)
I barely remember anything, except that it was marvelous, and at one point Neil asked for requests and most of them just sat there. It was kinda like Concert of the Living Dead. I wanted to hear Massive, but I was too far back.

I have a tour t-shirt that's falling apart and a fuzzy photo of me in some ghastly purple thing that I can't believe I even bought.

I did rather like how my hair turned out though.

Was anyone else at that concert?
Oh yes, here's one more. This was at the Theaterfabrik in Unterf�hring, back in November 1991. At the gates many punters had been frisked for Walkmen or cameras, nevertheless some managed to get their cameras in, and there was one girl in particular who started taking photos halfway through the concert.
Note what happens: Neil, who is about to start a new song, stops his band, bends down to the girl and says "Gimme that" in a very stern voice. She doesn't react, so he repeats it, and she timidly complies. Everybody half expects the camera to be tossed backstage or smashed on stage, but Neil turns around and starts taking photos himself. "Nick, can you step over in front of the drum kit?" -- he directs his band mates (which at the time still included Tim) for some souvenir smiles and then actually pulls the girl up on stage and makes her sit on the drum kit (maybe even on Paul's lap, I don't remember). Then he returns the camera to her with a remark to the effect of "now please stop taking photos, these flashes are really irritating".

I saw the girl later as she floated by, occasionally moving her legs so not to scare anyone nearby... Wink
Heh. It's not neccessary to use flash photography if you have the right camera and the right speed film, and to be honest I find those who insist on bringing their point-and-click flash cameras into venues just damed RUDE.

That said, you need a big backpack and a whole lotta chutzpah to smuggle an SLR camera with a 210mm zoom lens, through some of those security details at concerts... that said, I used to manage it fairly regularly in the early 1990's, and OH BOY were the photos SO worth it!!! Smiler
I find those who insist on bringing their point-and-click flash cameras into venues just damed RUDE.
I agree Kia. In fact, King Crimson's (veteran progressive rock band) Robert Fripp will stop an entire concert and walk off if flash photography starts at their concerts, as it totally ruins his concentration.
My definite favourite one I've heard on a tape I have (I can't remember what it was now..maybe foreplay?) because I've never been to a live concert *sigh* parents did in 1994 in my home town, but I was only 10 at the time.

Paul: "A guy yelled out if we'll play something he knows...well I'd say by now young man, if you havn't know anything by now then..."
Neil: "How's it going back on the Stage?"
???: "Good"
Nick: "We missed you"
Neil: "Okay now I've gotta tune"
Nick: "Why did you go off stage for?"
Neil: "To find out what tuning I was in"
Paul: "Are you like this in bed Neil? You know, it's like: Um, I'll be right with you hang on I've just gotta brush my teeth. Oh, why don't you just start without me, I've gotta put on my pyjamas"
Neil: "You seem to know that quite well Paul"
Paul: "We shared rooms for two years"
Nick: "No,, right?"

All before Whispers and Moans, which is only good when its live. Smiler
This is al such good stuff!!!

I went to a FREE(!!!) concert in Christchurch New Zealand, ( a summer festival thing), open air, really cool. One of those signs that is towed behind a plane flew over, said something like, 'CROWDED HOUSE? REFINANCE WITH......' Neil took offence to this and told us to all turn around and give him the fingers!!! So 80,000 odd people give this guy the fingers!!
Went to another gig in Chch a year or so later and Neil recounted the story, said the guy tried to sue them. "we turned up with our lawyers, gave him a kick up the arse and sent him on his way."
That same concert, I think it was Nick, asked if anyone had any money on them. Lots of people waved their cash. Jokingly he said 'pass it up then, pass it up!' Of course the next thing you know it's raining coins hard out, they raced off stage to avoid the missiles. Neil had to cover his head and come out to tell everyone to stop. Not so funny now, but amazing the power of the mighty Crowdies!!!! (paul came out with a broom and proceeded to sweep up his "bonus"'
Went to a Finn bros gig in the Theatre Royal Christchurch. They were playing home movies of when they were little, very funny comments being made. Neil was feeding a lamb with a bottle. Tim said 'got a good action there Neil, nothings changed there!!' or something to that effect.(in relation to the 'tugging' motion) The look on Neils face...classic shock/disbelief that he had said that!!
One of the live cd's? where neil says
"Second night, who was here last night? we were here, mark was here in all his splender, nick?"
nick:"Yes i was here neil"
Neil:"Wearing those pants?"
Nick:"yes same pants neil"
Nick:"No diffrent socks"
Neil"My socks!"
Nick"couldn't you find your socks?"
Neil"no. There is Heavy suspision"
I think thats great!!!! hehe
I dont recall which of the live club cds this is from, but Neil notices a space on the floor between the band and the audience and feels the need to go occupy it, which he does during one song.

Then he says that playing down there reminded him of when he was 15 yrs old and used to have parties. He thought playing guitar would get him some action with the girls, but instead, as he played music, the girl he liked would head off with some other guy. So, essentially, he was the mood music for THEIR romance.

Every time i hear this story, i think "Awwwww poor Neil!"
Hmmm the Paul Santa Claus strip at the Wiltern and Paul using a particular body part to bump out a tune on the microphone was 'interesting'.

Keeping in mind that i'd put several VIp's and some family friends in the front rows that night telling them 'they'd love being so close and Crowded House were such a classy act'!!!! (none of them had seen the band before).

They still loved the show (Phew)... and I remember Paul making the headlines on MTV next day.

All fun and very Paul.

If you can find a copy of it, 'The Burglar's Song' from one of the UK CD singles (It's Only Natural?) features a clip of Neil, Nick and Paul performing 'It's Only Natural' in the style of The Ramones. They play the song at 100 miles per hour, complete with "hey ho, let's go" vocals etc. The song ends abruptly when Paul makes a mistake on the drums and says "Oh, sh*t!".

Ooooooooooooh! What a BLAST from the past! Gotta love those guys soooooo much!

I'd never even seen this thread before. I'm so very glad I found it...amazing stuff.

I'm sure there's plenty more live humourous Crowdie tales out there - more PLEASE!?

There's nothing quite like a big hearty laugh is there?? And at this time of year too - I think we all need it.

Thanks for all the laughs Hessie Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

What a great way to remember.....
Oh it has to 1994 St Georges Hall, Bradford

Paul throws a bottle of beer up to the gods and it doesnt quite make it.

The bottle, on its return journey, makes a landing all over the mixing desk.

Paul leaves the stage and Neil does a few acoustic songs including messgae to my girl if i recall!

I think it was the same gig where Neil taught the audience how to speak aussie/nz.

"Hold the bridge of your nose and add the letters i and e to the every word..for example a christmas present is a chrisie pressie"

The Nick mentions once when in Melbourne a taxi driver said he was "looking forward to getting home so he could put on his leccie blankie"

ahhh memories.... both of crowdies and living in the uk!
I recall a funny moment possibly back in the 80s, early 90s. Can't recall the exact line, but during a live performance at MuchMusic video station here in Toronto, Paul was giving advice on how to tell if a condom was still usable or not by filling it with tap water.

Of course, I can't relay the hilarity of it, but keep in mind this was a national broadcast in Canada with likely a few million people watching. Very funny stuff.
This wasn't really CH on stage but still a funny moment all the same...
Catch 22 Interview, 1986. Wink
Paul: One... Two... Three...
Nick: Hi. We're Crowded House.
Paul: Sure are.
Neil: [serious facial expression] And when we're in Anchoridge, we don't get on a flight to sea-ol.
Nick: WE DON'T WHAT???!!!
Neil: To Soual.
All: Laughing
Neil: [Embaressed] Soual.. How'd you say it???
Interviewer: Seoul.
Neil: We don't get on a flight to Korea!

I laugh like crazy just thinking about this interview. Big Grin There's more funny parts in this interview but sorry, can't say it here. Too long. Frowner

Another funny moment {and this was live} was Neil and Nick's interview on Later With Jools 1994. Jools Holland embaresses Neil by showing him a short clip of Enz performing 'IGY', while Nick appears to be enjoying it. Short time later, Neil gets him back by bringing up the topic of Nick's musical past.

NEIL: What about Nick? He used to tour around Oz with his family singing Christan Irish Folk Songs. Come on, lets have a clip of those then. Where are they?{Seymour Family Singers}
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Surprised no one mentioned the occasion when the band were discussing their appearance on Top Of The Pops. And how Paul met Mrs Neil Sedaka. Needless to say it didn't work out well.

Paul"...that's the last time I speak to ol' knackers Sedaka. Stuff him."

For fans this incident is on the 2nd Weather With You single.

Or how about from the Roxy in 1987...:

Neil:'s been a very good year here at Roxy High. In a moment, we'll be having the prize giving ceremony. Paul's made a list..."

(Neil's interuppted by screaming girls in the front of the audience going "Me! Me! Me!")

Paul: Oh yes. You'll go!
Neil: (To girl in audience) Hey! You've won prizes before!
Paul: (To same girl) You know what your prize is, don't ya?

So do I. That last time just before Neil pounded the wall screaming "GOD!", Nick began on the correct note, then deliberately soared too high. Big Grin
No wonder Eddie Rayner began laughing like hell at the three of them! He was sitting against the back wall behind Neil, Paul and Nick laughing his head off at the three of them acting the fool.Big Grin

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