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Each to their own I guess. On my mailout to my readers I hoped that they took The Beatles review in jest.

I understand the review does not sit well with some people while others have found the humour in it.

With a group like The Beatles, it really feels redundant going into an elongated diatribe on why you dislike certain releases.

I can certainly understand the remixes being made for the show it soundtracks in Vegas and I am not even offended that they have tinkered with the songs.

From my point of view it just felt like enough was enough. Especially after the pointless 'Let It Be Naked' release.

But then each to his (or her) own.
Great review Stuart,i had a tear in my eye reading it,it was and will always be the highlight of my life,still have the t-shirt,well worn!!!
There never will be any band better than the crowdies in the 80's/90's.
It only higlights what a great guy Paul was.
Who hasn't cried at "Don't dream It's over" after watching the video.
Thanks for giving it a great review.
Long live the Crowdies!!!!

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