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Has anyone else been having problems with their Frenzmail email account? I haven't had any mail today, and when I tried to email myself from my Hotmail account, I got this delivery failure notification:

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;554 : Recipient address rejected:
Not accepting mail for this account : resource limit exceeded for user class

I don't understand....I'm only using 5% of my email space.
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I dream of 50 pieces of spam a day. Why? I woke up today to 1100 pieces of spam mail. This isn't in frenzmail, this is in a regular account, my main account that I've been using like 9 years now. Most of it is the SoBig virus, and perhaps that is temporarily crippling the company that brings us the free frenzmail service. I know that my regular hosting company took down many of their mail servers the day before yesterday to try and clear off some of the SoBig mails.

And now that I've gone to the website for the people who supply, I think I have our answer:

I don't know about that Kill Eye... I mean, the less that the government is involved in things, the better they seem to run...(think marriage for one thing). Private companies are coming up with spam traps that really work.

We have Outlook here at the office, and all sorts of filters, so I don't get much spam here, but that virus still made it through, and for crying out loud, we're part of an INTERNET COMPANY... (well, for the time being). Now, my AOL mail gets tons of crap. Penis enlargement mostly. What's up with that?
I have all manner of spam filter, but they aren't perfect so I still have to go through the trash before I dump it. I signed up for a weekly email from the city a little while ago and wondered what ever became of it, sure enough, it was in the trash.

It used to be that we thought that spam wasn't as bad as junk mail, after all, all you have to do is hit delete. I'm not convinced about that anymore. You don't simply have to hit delete, you need to set up intricate netting to catch all the crap. At least with junk mail I can usually tell from the envelope what is junk and toss it. And I rarely get things in the mail entising me to "Watch horny young sluts NFBSK on their webcam."

It's got to the point now where we are resigned to the fact that viruses and spam will at times knock out ability to read our mail. Imagine if the postal service couldn't deliver the mail because there was too much junk in it. Imagine if you had 1,000 letters waiting outside your house when you got home? It's got to the point where it is having a serious effect on legitimate businesses ability to perform their comerce and has become a burden on consumers. It doesn't look like the industry is going to do anything about it, so the government is going to have to step in.

About tech companies getting viruses... They're always hit the hardest. They spend so much time emailing each other stupid s**t that no one thinks twice about open strange attachment. I wored for a dotcom when the Melissa Virus hit, we lost 10 computers, literally, thow-it-in-the-trash-it's-dead lost. Stupid geeks! Roll Eyes

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Originally posted by kia kaha:
Originally posted by Kill Eye:
[qb] And I rarely get things in the mail entising me to "Watch horny young sluts NFBSK on their webcam."
... NFBSK, hey? Showing your colours as a Snopes boarder there, Kill Eye (says she who is a confirmed lurker at same...) [/qb]
Kill Eye knows that I stalk him over there.

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