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We set this up a few months ago, haven't really done too much with it, it was one of those things we were going to launch with the whole site revamp... - If you're doing the whole Twitter thing, you can follow our "tweets". It's currently more of a news about itself thing, but we're hoping to make it more of a Frenz related news thing.

Currently being updated by Iarla, Deb, and Jentwo. Hopefully we might get a few other folks on board too (Nudge nudge to any mythological creatures out there Smiler ).
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We asked some of the Enz members and mates to send in their Top 5 favourite Enz songs so they can go out on FrenzCom Twitter. Within the hour we have heard from Tim Finn, Nigel Griggs, Wally Wilkinson, Michael barker, our lovely old Enz manager Nathan and I expect more within the next 24 hours. Nice to have all these Enz boys and connected family popping up here.

Nigel was first Enz off the rank with his Top 5 and that 'tweet' went out tonight.

Trying to send a TWEET every day if I can- some will be fun (like the Enz Top 5) some will be fresh instant news like the Largo -7 Worlds II show.

It's quite a luxury for me- nice small bursts of instant information- easy and no hassle- that part is great.

So thanks to Iarla and Deb for making this available and helping me out with the 'how to ' information.

With regards to Frenz com Twitter, I'm happy to send out Tweets around fresh information and some fun stuff like bits and pieces from Neil & gang.

However I don't reply via Twitter, BUT people can email me at:

I'm happy for Twitter to be a one way street from me, simple reason time- My daily emails alone are enough, I just don't want to open doors to more one on one stuff in another area....

Hopefully that's ok with everyone

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