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As I mentioned before, I only recently stumbled across this forum, but it has been extremely useful already.

Back in the early 90's I was a member of the Friends Of The Enz Club and I was wondering what role the club played these days, now we have the internet?

I have seen mention of live CD's and other items on this forum and I wondered if these became available if your were a member?

Were they limit run and no longer obtainable?
I checked the link, but it doesn't tell you much about the benefits?

So, has the internet taken over or is the club thriving still?

Peter, anyone?
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The club is still thriving, and in the case of the fanclub releases it's about the only way to get a hold of this sorta stuff. Without paying a fortune to probably get ripped off on eBay, that is (and NONE of us here would advise that!)

It's still very reasonable cost-wise to join, you get your four newsletters a year and often Christmas cards and such-like. I found the value of my "joining pack" (which contains various bits and pieces of promo stuff Peter has on hand at that moment), to be worth the cost of membership on its own.

(This all said, I'm not currently a member - shame on me!! - as I'm living a somewhat peripatetic existence right now...)
Still seems to be playing a strong part of it all. When you think that both the TITM and Frenz lists have a few thousand members, and the club has 13,500+ it shows a lot of people still do not use the internet.
I have to admit it's a two edged sword for myself at the office. Some days we get 700+'s a lot of extra work, BUT it means an instant reply and we try and email everyone the info can flow quicker.
I like the idea of the band members like Neil etc having handwritten letters in the newsletters, always good to have that personal touch.
Thanks for the replies.

Can you tell me what things are available to members that
cannot be obtained elsewhere?

I have to admit, I prefer the web for news as it is instant, but notice unlike a lot of band's websites, I don't really see much merchandise for sale on the site?

So is the band not totally 'net friendly' as yet?

That's not a dig, just need to justify joining the club over what I can see on the web.

Thanks again!
I think that the benefits are multifold. For one, merchandise has in fact been pretty much restricted to the club and to concert sales, so if you're into that, it helps to be a member. Apart from being in a great "family", the most obvious plus are the live CDs which AFAIK are turning more towards the occasional Neil/Finn Bros. Live CD while the Crowdies CDs have run their course. Most of them had a 500 run only, so the copies are very much cherished by those who have them.
The area this forum here has affected most is the mailing list run by valiant Marck Bailey. Traffic has become rather slow these days, and many people prefer to banter here who formerly used to type with the best of them. But while some if not most of the info in the club newsletters has reached the net cognoscenti by other means before, the plus of having it in printed form as well as being able to feel rewarded by the exclusivity of the club is easily worth the quid.
Sounds great, thanks Dorthonion.

Can you tell me more about what rare Club CD's have been released - Is there a list anywhere?

Naturally I understand they may be out of print, but curious to know what I've missed. Roll Eyes


My 'eBay' Stranger Than Fiction book has just landed on my desk - could have a long night ahead! Big Grin
Originally posted by sylcar:
[qb]The club have asked that lists of the fanclub cd's are not posted here.

Maybe someone could send you a Private message/email containing the details.

My apologies - I wasn't aware of that.
If someone could send me a PM list I'd be very greatful.

I'd love to know more about live shows and the Luton tapes etc (Luton is 15 mins from me and I think I rehearsed at the same place) Smiler

Thanks folks!
Originally posted by Dorthonion:
[qb]The area this forum here has affected most is the mailing list run by valiant Marck Bailey. Traffic has become rather slow these days.....[/qb]
Maybe that's because it takes 5 sub applications, 2 emails & 3 months to get approved! That's how long it took me after I unsubbed to go on holidays.

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