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Anyone here want to talk about Peter's announcement today? While I only joined in 1995, so I'm not a "real veteran", I still feel shell-shocked. Guess I thought this day would never come.

So I'll say thank you to Peter and Mark for keeping the flame alive this long ... how do you club members out there feel about it? Time for a proper Irish wake?


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Dorthonion posted:

Anyone here want to talk about Peter's announcement today? While I only joined in 1995, so I'm not a "real veteran", I still feel shell-shocked. Guess I thought this day would never come.

So I'll say thank you to Peter and Mark for keeping the flame alive this long ... how do you club members out there feel about it? Time for a proper Irish wake?

I feel the same way. I joined in the early 90s (before I had email or internet access!).

Peters dedication to the club, the fans, and the bands was amazing.

My favorite time was the mid 90s when the fan club CDs were being released. There was always such a sense of anticipation waiting for the latest newsletter (and sales sheet) to arrive in the mail. Those CD offerings were nothing short of incredible. The share volume of signed items made available over the years was also staggering. I was still a teen when I joined, and the joy the club gave me was enormous. As fans, we were so fortunate to have the club and Peter.

I can’t imagine a better fan club and that all comes down to Peter’s vision and commitment.

I’m really sad it has come to an end, and like you still feel shell shocked (I never saw it coming). But I back Peter 100% if he thinks it is the right decision.

This is a great thread - I would love to hear other people’s memories/experiences/favorite club sales item etc... The club may be finishing but I am sure there are plenty of memories and stories people have relating to it and Peter’s generosity.

My biggest club regret (apart from not signing up sooner!) was never buying the Crowded House belt buckle. That looked very cool. One of my favorite items was the Finn Brothers key ring which still holds my keys 20+ years later!

I wish Peter and Mark all the best for the future and salute their service...

I've been a member in the past and have a couple of great items I hold dear. Peter has been a champ for the fans. I was still hoping to get on the "lifetime" list but I suppose it's time. I can attest Peter's gone the extra mile for me when he didn't have to.

Now if only there were a repository with all the club issues, that would be amazing!

I have been a member since 1988 & have loved being a big part of the booming Crowded House era from the late 80's as well as following all other Enz related artists.

The Fanclub played a huge part in trying to please the fans with fanclub newsletters & plenty of info and also any rare items that came our way. They succeeded ! Well Done !

But I have noticed over the last 5 years or so that the Fanclub was becoming less like a fanclub and more like an info booth on Enz & CH related topics. The club itself was running out of steam due to lack of releases from all of the artists that it helps promote. Crowded House (in my opinion) no longer exist & that is the main drawcard for the fanclub after Split Enz had split. The hype was no longer there & I can understand why the club was clearly in a decline. These things can't go on forever & 38 years is a testament to Peter Green's motivation & work ethic.

So I say a special THANK YOU to all at the best Fanclub in the world for enlightening my CH & Enz passion (some would say addiction) for 30 years. I could not wait for the next fanclub newsletters each time they showed up in my mailbox (I still have them all in display folders).

Peter Green, you always treated me as a VIP among the members and I am sure I got a few extra items as a bonus along the way. Thank you for everything you did for the club and I am sure the band members thoroughly appreciate all your efforts too. Well done & enjoy what comes next !


Enzboy !

To be honest, this seems to have been coming for some time. Notwithstanding Peter's own admission a few years ago that he'd considered stepping down (but then changed his mind), Neil seems to have lost interest himself. The newsletters dried up because there was so little input from the management and, eventually, so too did the email updates because, well, there was nothing to update us on.

Neil's last two albums came and went with virtually no involvement of the Club - no interview, no behind the scenes photos, no merch. 

So I say a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Peter for finally taking such a brave decision. It must have taken a lot of soul searching because, in the end, Peter WAS the fan club.

Like others, I'd like to thank him for his tireless efforts ensuring that he responded to every email. Without him CH's relationship with its fan base wouldn't be half as strong.

Peter, enjoy the next phase of your life. Your presence in mine will be sadly missed. Best wishes.

It's easy to say "All things must pass" but I have some strong feelings about this. Joined the club when I was 18, in 1991...Remember seeing Peter's smiling face for the first time on the Then There Were Three Tour...

The newsletters were a constant as I moved around through my tumultuous 20s...I even remember having a penpal or two via the club with actual paper letters!

Well, the club was a product of a different time... Music was a different universe then. What's a hit song now anyway?

Congratulations and thank you to Peter Green and all the Frenz.

I emailed Peter as soon as I heard, and of course, as always, he got right back to me.

I agree with everything Paul H said above.  I, too, wasn’t really surprised.

Peter is a warm and generous man.  I am thankful for everything he’s done for the club and for me personally as a clubmember, and I’m glad I got to interact with him a bit over the years during my Finn travels.  Like Paul H, I will miss his presence in my life.

Good luck to you, Peter!  

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I wrote to the PO Box 333 Prahran address in 1994 after seeing my first gig as a 14 year old, the TA Crowded House tour. I thought I was writing to the boys themselves and penned a typical teen fan letter, telling Dear Neil, Nick, Paul and Mark how much I loved them. To my wonderful surprise I received a letter back from Peter telling me of the Club's existence so I swiftly signed up. 

During the 90s I would pester my mum to use her cheque book so I could buy the club live CDs. I still remember the dubious looks she'd give and the grilling I got from her: "who exactly is FOTE?, are you sure this is not a scam?" :-D

Recently I threw out my teen scrapbooks full of articles on Neil and Co and my Club newsletters. What a time to be a young person loving and learning about Neil's music.

All of us who were there through that glorious period from the self-titled CH album through to Neil's first foray into solo efforts have been truly blessed to have Peter keep us involved along the way. I mean, guys, remember your first listen to Together Alone? How lucky are we all, and how lucky to have a club make us feel like a family.

Rock on, Peter. You are a true, kind, heart. 

Whoa, This is HEAVY!!! 

The CLUB is Ending??? ENZ-ing(?) Say WHAT now??!!

No more FOTE??? Inconceivable !!!

And Just two years after the triumph of The SYD Opera House redux - what a gig !!!


I`ll take an order of "I didn't`t see this coming" with a side of "I never thought it would EVER happen"

I mean as long as there are fans, they`ll need a club...right??

After a year of too many disappointments, I don`t think I can handle another one?!!! 

First off, of course, I`m sure all of us will say a HUGE thank-you to Peter Green for all he`s done for us fans over so many years!!! What a legend he is!! Thank-you for your service, Pete. I`ve had so many fantastic experiences , thanks to you!

Best of luck with the next phase of your life Enjoy it!!


But we`re still gonna need a club...even if it`s not FOTE and run by a legend

( I wonder why Neil and co never dreamed up a succession plan...having said that, even after 20 years in the CLUB,

I`m still basically clueless about specifics of who owns what and how it exactly it was run/ set up in the 1st place. )


 Anyhoo - Neil clearly is taking the same route as Macca...he`ll be performing until he drops...

Which means more albums and live shows...which means we`ll **ALWAYS** need a club if "only" for...


1. Early news of, and access to, TICKETS to the gigs!!!

2. Access to soundchecks!!! ( don`t think I`d get too far trying to get in  on my own steam...)

3. Signed copies of the new CDs

(and that`s just Neil!!! There`s also Liam & Elroy both making music for years to come, plus ex (and hopefully future) Crowdies, ENZes - doing albums & tours,  not to mention Tim )

Also only ever available from the Club...

4. Exclusive audio and video i.e. the magnificent  "Club CDs" and DVDs and other performances past and future,

like radio shows...NONE of which one can, or will be able to, buy at your local JB Hi-Fi!! (well us Aussies / Kiwis anyway)


And even if FOTE is ending btw (which it is) surely it needs to END/ ENZ with a BANG!

Not a whimper.

We need a final fan club show...with all the fans that can get themselves to Melbourne (I presume)

with Pete as the guest of honour! 

How`s about it?

PS what are the various Finns, Seymours, other Crowdies & ENZ making of this news?







and thanks everyone, it's been a really amazing journey. 38.5 years is a LONG time in a job,  and today, the very last day it does feel sad, freaky, exciting, pretty much every emotion.  Huge thank you to those who love the music, it doesn't happen without you-so this has always been a two way street.  (Club started in May 1980).  While I'm here a really BIG thank you to Deb too, an un sung hero in my book.  So 8 hrs to go- have a brilliant new years eve all of you.  Cheers PG

Peter, Peter, Peter!

What can I say that hasn’t already been said. You have been absolutely amazing. Always there for me with I info, backstage passes, meet and greets and just an overall presence that has certainly assisted with my love of everything Finn.

Enjoy your retirement and don’t be a stranger!

All the best from WA Perth.

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