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Thanks to everybody sending private messages asking how they can help the forum (now that Peter is shuttering the fan club and people know the forum is independent and mine). 

The site really isn't maintained anymore. I used to ask for help with that but have given up. And with the fan club closing, I will probably just let it continue to be stagnant.

The forum is certainly very active with new members every week. I manually approve or reject every new member... ever notice there are zero people here trying to sell you fidget spinners or tell you they caught you touching yourself on your webcam so please send Bitcoin? Manual handling of registrations is worth it.

I used to need help moderating the forum but with so many wonderful people, it mostly self-moderates. Moderators don't step in unless you report the post (and please do if there are any problems). 

So what does the forum need? Hypothetically nothing since I am dedicated to keeping it online and alive without making you pay for memberships or crowding it with ads. 

What would be the "nice to have" for the forum? I hate to say it since it sounds cold but that would be money. My minimum bill for the forum is $99 USD per month (and higher sometimes if we go over bandwidth or storage). That comes out of my pocket. Peter doesn't send me money. I get a small percentage when Peter sells things from the merch page but that's quite rare (no pun intended). 

I've added a donation button to the sidebar of some of the main screens. You can also sign up for the "Premium Membership" here. What does that get you? Nothing. Honestly nothing! It just sends me money, and of course I'm grateful for those who are "Premium" members. Every bit helps!

Before you ask why I don't move to some cheaper forum software, my goal was always to give members the best even if it's not the cheapest. This system is kind enough to grandfather me into a very old price. It's now $2600/mo with a $7500 setup fee.  I want you guys to have the best, not me moving every other year to something cheaper. And since companies are paying monster money for this system, it has great support and frequent upgrades/new features. You deserve that!

Which means plug plug for the people at They have been very good to me and us for holy cats 15 years? 20 years? I started the forum in 1996 but I think we moved to Infopop (what this used to be) around 2000??? Who remembers? If you work at a big company who needs serious forum software, this is THE system. 

That's my story. Thank you again to all who are asking how they can help. This is all I can think of for now! Even if you don't donate, I appreciate all of the active members here who care and make this a fun, easy-to-run place with super low drama.



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