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Hello Everyone…

I am seeking the soundboard recording of Neils Band of Strangers tour from the founders theatre in Hamilton NZ.

This is my first Neil concert I ever went to and it was a magical night.

I’ve heard all shows are recorded and stored away.

I have been sent a low quality tape recorded part show that I have cleaned up a bit but I want this show on our playlist in stereo.

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Hah!  I recorded the show you are referring to.  It wasn't even to tape, it was to MiniDisc - my flatmate at the time had a MiniDisc "walkman".  The mic was something I borrowed from my work, which was designed to be mounted into a roof to record speech in a small room.  And yes, the batteries ran out before the end.  But I suspect it's the best you're going to get.

I wanted to see the "soundcheck" so I turned up around 1pm along with the selected members of the Band of Strangers.  I just hung out in the lobby.  There was a TV crew around and they wanted everyone to sing along with something, so I'm actually on tape somewhere - I've seen it, I'm in a South Park t-shirt - where I have no right to be!

Everyone got walked backstage after a while and Neil came out to meet everyone, find out what they played and where they could fit in, etc.  I stuck around in the background and after a while, I just went and sat in the empty theater to watch the songs being worked out.

I remember the show itself being quite underwhelming.  I trust your memories of it are fonder.

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