Hi! I'm looking to trade the following (as a lot) for any some combination of CD versions of "Waiata/Corroborree"/"Frenzy"/"The Living Enz"/"Dizrythmia." Possibly "Conflicted Emotions" or the "One out of the Bag" DVD/CD set. I'm flexible.

*The "Merry Christmas from Split Enz" green 7"
* The Split Enz "Letters to Split Enz" bonus CD (no envelope, and it does have a lot of scratches on it, though it played fine in my laptop just now. It's a 7-track EP of live songs from the '93 tour -- it fills much of the gap if you have Anniversary, but not ExtravagENZa)
*ENZSO self-titled CD (sealed, Sony USA version)
*Eddie Rayner "Horse" CD (also scratchy)
*Various artists "I Like It Rare 1" (CD, 8 tracks, features the only official of release of SE's "Murder")
*Neil Finn "One Nil" sealed cassette (from Malaysia? Indonesia? I dont rememeber anymore and I can't tell from the packaging)
*The Crowded House Woodface Singles Collection Box (just the box, not the singles. Doesn't close fully, but you might be able to mess with the velcro/sticky thingies and get it to again, who knows)
*Split Enz "Beginning of the Enz" (scratchy CD -- from the Odds and Enz box set)
*ENZSO "Poor Boy" 3-track CD single, New Zealand (has "Albert of India" b-side)
*Crowded House "Time on Earth" (cassette version, not sealed, again not sure if Malaysian or Indionesia. Has been played, though)

Dave O'C



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