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I just wanted to ask if any of the concerts on Split Enz's 1993 reunion tour were recorded for TV or VHS release?

I know that Peter Green has uploaded some video camera footage to his YouTube page from the Auckland and New Plymouth concerts but I'm keen to find out if anything out there that was pro-shot.


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There was definitely pro-shot footage as a video was made for Shark Attack. This is on YouTube (posted by Split Enz about a year ago). I think this was used to promote the Anniversary CD when it came out.

That’s the only pro footage I’ve ever seen - Unfortunately there was never a VHS or TV release from that tour...

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Awesome. Thanks for that.

Was it Noel on Drums and Paul on Percussion?

It was on Shark Attack but during the concert they interchanged quite a bit between songs. I loved that Noel and Paul had costumes for that tour that made them look like one, two-headed person when standing together. It was genius!  It can be seen on the cover of Anniversary here

I really wish there was more footage of that tour...

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