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No major surprises for the third and final night of the fan-club shows. They seemed to play the sixteen new songs in much the same order as they did last night.

Tim's voice sounded amazing beyond what any words could describe tonight. The intensity of Tim's guitar playing tonight was incredible and Neil cut loose with some awesome guitar solos.

After the show I saw Liam Finn, Paul Crowther and Eddie Rayner in the crowd.

Theres probably a lot more to mention, but I'm to drunk and tired to write about all of it tonight.

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I attended both the first and the third shows and they were very satisfying. Last night was not as energectic but there was more emotional impact. Tim, in particular, gave stirring performances on "Luckiest Man Alive" (again, to the obvious enjoyment of his wife) and "Won't Give In" - which he introduced as a "wedding song". There was a lovely moment when the lights were turned out for "Disembodied voices". Overall , it was the same 16 songs, which Neil commented on as "16 songs in 10 days, not bad" (writing or practicing, I'm not sure). Probably the strongest single contender would be "Gentle Hum" but there are several other very good tunes (already sounding familiar after two listens). The crowd was larger last night - easily a hundred. Sean Fitzpatrick, ex-All Black captain made a grand entrance about two or three songs into the set. Overall impression - there's plenty of great music left in the Finn brothers and what a privilege to live in the same town and be able to see these songs first delivered.
Excellent night. The band was tight and the songs already sound like classics. Touches of Neil Young and even... Abba in one riff! (Remarks like that are probably why Tim & Neil don't read this forum often.) Some very Finnesque chord changes in one particular song. One of those ones that grabs you unexpectedly.

Just over 100 people there, so it made for a cosy evening. Nice to see bassist Bones Hillman back in NZ after 22 years, locking solidly with Ross on drums.

Finn's one of my favourite albums, organic production'n'all, and the next one sounds like it'll be received just as warmly.

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