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You may very well be up to date, but if not, you might try downloading the most recent version of Internet Explorer.

You might also go into Tools | Internet Properties and click on the General tab. Within the tab, click on Delete Files and Clear History, and then close Internet Explorer and begin from scratch.

Unfortunately, I have a sinking feeling that these two suggestions will not have any effect. It's probably worth a try nonetheless.

I use Internet Explorer, and everything on the site seems to work just fine.
Romer - you are correct. I am already running the latest version of IE, and deleting all my history and cookies and old files didn't work either.

Maybe whoever put the site together will see this and come up with a solution. It sounds like I'm not the only one with the problem, so maybe it will be an easy thing to fix.
I wish it were that simple! I am on a DSL connection at home, and after two full minutes of waiting I still get nothing. This is the only site I have ever had this trouble with, and it sounds like others have had similar difficulties.

Oh well, I'm sure if anything important gets put on there I will hear about it on this site too.

I still think you should install another browser. It's not like you can get rid of IE anyway (they won't let you), but it's nice to have a backup in case one doesn't work. Firefox is a smaller download than some IE patches -- and you might like some of the modern features like tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking. OK, that's the last time I mention that.
I agree - and that's not just because I don't want Bill Gates to rule the world, as if that wasn't a good enough reason.

If I'm right, it is a problem with the way in which your browser is interpreting the page. If that's so, then it's down to the web designer to amend their code, but if you don't want to wait, another browser may well work.

Btw, a sound toggle button has now been added to the site, so someone out there IS listening, although I've only had an out-of-office reply to my email so far.
Sigh - I suppose I have no hope with my sad webtv. It can do flash 5. Is there any way to bypass the flash 7 - what i mean is, is that only on like the intro page or is it the whole thing. I've noticed that with webtv, often if i can find the url to other parts of a website i can just bypass the hard part. but sometimes i cant do anything, like on the (thank goodness she has a text only thing!!!)

Not to be hateful, but I really wish that people who do websites would stop punishing we poor souls who can't afford real computers. Its discrimination! Big Grin

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