Does anyone, by any chance, have or know of a place where a decent complete sessionography of Finn-related music exists (even just Neil). Comprehensive recording dates/studios, musicians, etc,  for songs, aborted sessions, etc - beyond what is, obviously, easily found (but including that easily found stuff mixed with more detailed, obscure, hard to find info)? With such a rich, diverse and convoluted recording history, something like this would be invaluable to us OCD diehards. 

I wish I had the time and information...

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Guy. posted:

Sorry, this doesn’t exist (yet).

Thanks. I asked the same basic question on the Steve Hoffman music forums and got the same basic answer. This fact-filled group, however, is purely Finn-focused so it's possible, slowly over time (perhaps with some guidance from our more knowledgable, behind the scene frenz)), we could slowly, over time build/create one piece by piece.

When I get a chance and some time, maybe I'll start it off with some of the easily accessed  information out there - to which anyone can add to, filling in gaps and information. 

Anyone game to add to a Finn sessionography if I start one off?

 The model would be something like the sessionography they created for the Elvis Costello Home Page Wikia:

Ideally even moving into the even MORE detailed Dylan one:

Yes, I haven’t had much access to detailed dated documentation, darn it. Not necessarily because of legal issues, but because it would involve asking record companies, etc, to search through archives for info they might no longer have. It all takes time, money and will.

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