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I am after the following fan club CDs

Neil Finn

9.30 Club Washington, Live In America ‎, Encore!, One On One

Finn Brothers

Kiwi Charms, Belvoir ‎, Eyes Of The World, Mood Swinging Men


One For The Frenz

I have the following fan club CDs I am willing to trade

Neil Finn - Live In The UK (original), Live At The Showbox Seattle (CDr, 16 Feb 2003)

Crowded House - Marcia Marcia Marcia, Bent In Gent, One Night Stand (all original), plus the following fanclub CDrs: Homebrew (CDr) , State Of Mind (CDr), Manchester Split (CDr), Live In holland (CDr, 18-19 Feb 1992), Live In holland (CDr, 20 Feb 1992), Live In Australia (Cdr, March 18 1992), 1991 USA Tour (CDr, 17 Dec 1991), 1991 USA Tour (CDr 10 Dec 1991),



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Is there still interest in the fan club cds and not sure what the rules are still for selling these? I don’t want to trade but have the following:

Crowded house

Back on the bus

Buffalo ‘91

Live at the Warfield


Nick the stripper

Ghost Cars

Live at CBGB

Acoustically live

Exit stage left

In the raw

Live in Berlin

Taxi - Montreal

Neil Finn

Live in the UK

One on One

Live in America


9.30 Club Washington

Finn Brothers


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