Does anyone have a copy of Belvoir they'd be able to share or sell?

PM if you can help?

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All I have is some of a Regent's park gig, probably contraband!

FB was pound for pound, one of Neil's best efforts! (ya, his brother too)

I was at Regents Park for that concert. What a perfect evening - open air , extremely warm weather and the sound was great. I have not seen or heard any recordings of the show - I'll have to look further. In fact I saw  FB (and met Neil & Tim) at a promotion gig in Nottingham a few weeks later . An office colleague had won a radio competition to see Finn Brothers and I insisted that I accompanied her. 

The recording of that show was pretty good as I recall. They really sounded tight. Glad a true fan got the bonus seat for that show!

I saw them in Bournemouth in 2004 and Portsmouth in 2005 - very spoilt indeed and super shows. I managed to pick up a signed lithograph at the Bournemouth show - treasure :-)

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