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I don't know if I have a chance of getting an answer here, but I've exhausted the obvious sources. I'm trying to get a mechanical license to release a recording of "Won't Give In" that I did with my brother. BMI lists Rebel Larynx Music (Tim's publisher) as being affiliated with Wixen Music, but Wixen tells me that they no longer administer Rebel Larynx. I checked with Chrysalis Songs, which currently administers Neil's Roundhead Music (which also used to be with Wixen), and they don't have Rebel Larynx either. Chrysalis told me that, to get a mechanical license, I'd need to communicate with both co-publishers.

Any thoughts on how to contact Rebel Larynx, or on what my next step should be?
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Hey i don't know how helpful this will be but your could try contacting Mushroom records. They might at least be able to point you in the right direction.
What about contacting Peter? He might be able to aim you in the right direction since he deals with rights all the time on the fan club releases...
Thanks for the suggestion, cradle. I've written to Peter, and I'm hopeful he'll be able to point me in the right direction.
It looks like it's going to be up to Peter. BMI referred me to an Australian outfit that was unable to help. Unfortunately, Peter seems to be on one of his periodic absences--he hasn't posted here since October.

This is all very frustrating. I'm not a professional musician; I'm just an amateur with a recording that I'm moderately proud of and that I'd like to be able to distribute legally to the small number of people who will be interested. I'm ready to pay the royalties--just tell me where to send the check!
Peter is actually on a well-earned break at the moment Jeffcoop, but apparently will be back on deck from 14 January.

He may be able to provide the guidance that you need after that date Smiler
Success! Tim's rights are now being handled in the US by Ten Ten Music in Nashville. Peter sent me this information on the same day I received it from Tim's New Zealand publishers. So far Ten Ten has been great to deal with--I give them a lot of credit, as it must be a pain to deal with unsigned, amateur musicians looking for a limited volume license.

Now, if I could just get the conglomerate that controls Neil's rights, Chrysalis Songs, to respond....
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