Hey all, just some news for the Aussi Frenz.

Just got an email from MusicMax list, to say that Tim and Neil will be recording a Sessions sometime
For those who dont know, the Foxtel music channel MusicMax has been doing these Sessions for over a year now, with lots of great singers and bands. It's usually a one-hour set with a small intimate crowd setting, and unplugged - style. Tickets are usually only for competition winners... you cant buy them. They will play the Sessions on musicmax a few weeks after the gig.
No word yet as to the competition, or venue or date.

Also, for those who subscribe to Foxtel, Musicmax will be doing "Lunch with... Crowded House", playing a bunch of Crowdies video clips in a row on Friday October 15 at 1pm.
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Ooooh! Yes!!! I am SO entering that competition and if the people at music max HAVE to let me win tickets! Otherwise I'll die, of course. Big Grin From what I've seen of other music max sessions, they are usually held in a special auditorium in the Opera House, although I may be wrong, or the location could have changed. But how cool would it be to see them in such an intimate location??!

Also I'll be watching tomorrow at lunchtime - thankyou music max, and Gemini, for telling us Smiler
Yeah, awesome news! Thanks Gemini. Ever since the series started, I always hoped Neil would do one of these - and with Tim, this is sure to be fantastic!

For those of you who aren't necessarily in the know regarding MAX Sessions, think of it as an slightly less commercial version of Live @ the Chapel, VH1 Uncut and MTV Unplugged, and a slightly more commercial version of Triple J's Live @ the Wireless - awesome quality television, and the sets from george, Coldplay and Paul Kelly were fantastic. Gemini explained it well enough.

And with host Paul Hester sure to be joining the brothers for the session, this will be a full-on Crowded House reunion - well, 75% of the original Woodface line-up! Razzer . Once you people see the Finn Brothers' set, I promise you that you will be demanding a DVD of the episode!

P.S.) This better not be a practical joke by the way, Gem! Wink
Promise it's not a joke, cross my heart and hope to die!

The gigs are awesome, I can guarantee it will go off. I was lucky enough to go to the very first Sessions recorded, with Coldplay (if you watch it next time they play it, you can see me right next to the bassist!) and it was mindblowing. So yeah, the Finns are sure to be wicked. And I agree, wouldnt it be great to see ol' Hester get in on it too!!! hehehe
Ok guys, the comp has been launched, to enter, you need to go here: http://www.maxtv.com.au/win/default.asp
You have to be signed up with MusicMax to enter.

Here's what it says on the site:
"Attending The MAX Sessions can change your life. A passion for a musical artist can develop into something profound and mysterious. Melbournians can have this experience if they enter the draw to win tickets to the strictly limited performance by The Finn Brothers. Entrants need to be available on November 23 and able to get to the Melbourne CBD unassisted."

The question you gotta answer, in 25 words or less is
"If given the chance, what would you ask the Finn Brothers and why?"

The gig will be recorded and aired on MusicMax on Christmas day, at 1pm and then later at 10.30pm. What a great Christmas surprise!

So everyone, GOOD LUCK, and I hope to seeya there at the gig with me! Wink
cheers, Erin

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