Looking back at the Intriguer anagrams I decided to find more and record them chronologically by artist. My findings...

Lent Zips
Nonmetal Set (1975)
Hunched Tog Toss (1976)
Ad Him Ritzy (1977)
Zen Fry (1979)
Closure Tour (1980)
Bore Core Or (1981)
Mediated Tin (1982)
Nonscientific Go Molt (1983)
Endears You(1984)

Fin Mint
A Cad Pees (1983)
Ego Cabin (1985)
Fin Mint (1989)
A Bantered Offer (1993)
I Assist Yo (1999)
Infested Hogged (20020
Madman Irking Yogi (2006)
Nonreactive Host (2008)
Belches Whiter With Vomit (2011)

Euchred Woods
Euchred Woods (1986)
Fellowmen Tempo (1988)
Wood Cafe (1991)
Altogether One (1993)
Fetal Grow (1999)
Methane Trio (2007)
Tiger Ruin (2010)

Elfin Inn
High Twirly Stints (1998)
Online (2001)
Declined Solver Owls (2001)
Mustache Tunes Big Grin (2009)

Firstborn Hen
Firstborn Hen
Eerie Heros Envy

Cabala Jump
Cabala Jump

"Look at the ocean and tell me it's not blue."

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