Well just got back home, just a quick note to say thanks to the Finns for a great tour,The evening was electric,great to hear, The Land Torments The Sea, with Minnie Driver on backing vox,and her pedal steel guitarist,again highlight for me was, Disembodied Voices,Tim was on form though i think his mike could have been a bit louder,very tired gotta get some sleep its 1.38am
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What an unbelievable night, I'm still buzzing now the next day.

I'm sure a few of these are in the wrong order, especially the encores, but the set list was (approximately) as follows:

Won't Give In.
Life Between Us.
6 Months In A Leaky Boat.
Four Seasons In One Day.
Suffer Never.
Angel's Heap.
Disembodied Voices.
Part Of Me, Part Of You.
Only Talking Sense.
Edible Flowers.
Distant Sun.
Nothing Wrong With You.
How Will You Go.

From here on in it gets more vague. You'll forgive me for being too busy enjoying myself to take notes. Wink There were two encores, which I was expecting after reading the set lists from the earlier shows. There were three songs in the first encore, and four in the second. One of the songs above must have been part of the encore then, I'm sure someone will have a clearer memory than me on this point.

History Never Repeats.
Weather With You.
The Land Torments The Sea.

I Got You.
I See Red.
Better Be Home Soon.

20 songs in total, but at the end I was desperately hoping for just one more, just one more, though if I'd clapped any harder my hands would have started bleeding.

Some great banter during the show, with Neil halfway through History Never Repeats breaking off to mention he had a horrible thought of everyone in the New Zealand version of Pop Idol singing the song. He also got the band to do a bit of improvised music so he could "sing" the names of all the crew on the tour, noting that the band were "getting dangerously close to jazz" at one point.

My first Finn Brothers gig in any form, and I am kicking myself for not getting tickets to the other dates in London. Worst of all, was the bitter-sweet aching feeling at realising how much I'll always regret never having seen Crowded House live, the Split Enz tracks adding a new "I wish I'd seen them too" regret to my heart.

The Finns said they would "see us next year". I sure hope so, I'll be there for every show I can next time. I could see the Finns every night of my life and never get bored. Someone on here described Tim as being like the mad uncle to Neil, and that was so true. From row U (yikes!) in the circle, all I could see was a big mop of grey hair bouncing around as Tim danced like a dad at a wedding. Neil looked so young from that distance.

Oh yes, Minnie was pretty good. Fair play to the girl, she was very listenable. Quite why she recorded a country album is beyond me, but I think I may check it out at some point.
For the encores I think History Never Repeats was at the end of the main set. The first encore was:
Nothing Wrong With
How Will You Go
Weather With You

2nd Encore:
The Land Torments The Sea (fantastic song - how it never made the record I'll never know!)
I Got You
I See Red
Better Be Home Soon

Again I thought Minnie wasn't too bad. Really starting to enjoy Invisible Girl and Complicated Man at the end of her set. Finns as usual were great although I thought the bass levels were a touch too much this time! The band certainly know how to rock out!
Endorse all of the previous comments - another great energetic concert! (just wish the London crowd would get enthusiastic ealier and jump up and groove a bit more)

Over the past 22 or so years I have seen Neil and Tim live and it is fantastic that they have not lost any of their enthusiasm for performance and good humour - AND their musicality just gets better and better...NZ and fellow Oz frenz back home watch out for a brilliant tour coming soon!!!
That list sounds about right Finner, I was trying to work out the order on the way home on the train but it just wasn't happening for me. Like a pleasant dream, it is all now slightly fuzzy around the edges. Next time, I want to be down in the stalls. I was too far back for my liking.

I loaded up on overpriced merchandise, I can't resist souvenirs. Razzer I got myself a keyring, a t-shirt, and of course the big signed lithograph. What's a lithograph? Apparently a very expensive poster. *ahem*

The crowd did seem a little slow to warm up, in my section at least. The only songs to really drag people into it were the Crowded House numbers, which were all good singalongs, and the turbocharged Split Enz numbers at the end by which point everyone was into it. A standing ovation at the start of the second encore kept everyone on their feet until the end of the show, a lovely moment with everyone in the place joining in on BBHS.
Oh, and Neil - bless his cotton socks - 'sort-of' did my
request to dedicate 'Wont give in' to my fiance.. but I
think he kinda got the wrong end of the stick!

"I think we're meant to be playing at their wedding -
..we'd make a good wedding band..."

Well, Neil, you know you're alway's welcome.. Wink

'My' David was pleasantly surprised at this, and that was
the main deal Wink If ANYONE has a recording of last night
(mainly for this soundbite) I would hugely appreciate you
getting in touch with me offlist..

(yes, the audience WERE a bunch of stiffs, Parkingtigers... Wink !!)

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